DGS Students Studying French Earn Medals

DGS Students Studying French Earn Medals

Bravo and way to go to the 71 students who competed in non-required National French Contest (Le Grand Concours); nearly 45,000 students nationwide participated this year. 

Students took a test that included listening and reading comprehension, and 13 DGS students earned medals. An additional 22 earned "honorable mention" and 35 received a "certificat de merite" (participation certificates).  

Congratulations to the following students:

4 gold medalists
Padre Kpeglo Level 1
Julian Flores Level 1
Mateus Santos Level 2
Al Zoerb Level 4

7 silver medalists
Jovana Bogdanovic Level 1
Romina Papavero Level 2
Dylan Mora Level 2
Sophia Hunter Level 2
Danna Garcia De La Cruz Level 2
Raina Murphy Level 3
Sydney Stapleton Level 4

2 Bronze medalists
Sara Haxhi Level 1
Hailey Aldrich Level 3

22 earned "mention honorable" 
Level 1:  Rose Jones, Rebecca Rodeck, Emily Diaz , Kristel Juarez, Abigail Zaborowski, Charlotte Witt
Level 2: Eliana McCauley, Arely Perez, Valeria Gomez, Emma Wilmore, Brendan Fields, Rozlyn Stafford-Richardson, Sarah Gerges-Rodriguez, Noelle Kelly, Samantha Stapleton, Jennifer Lopez, Emily Motuelle,  Ingrid Baker, Mason Suva, Noelle Mayer, Alicia Kpeglo 
Level 3: Annabelle Tung 

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