DGS - An Evening of One Acts

DGS - An Evening of One Acts

DGS Theatre will present six student-directed short plays on Thursday, March 21 and Friday, March 22. Show time for both nights is 7 p.m. High school students are free with their DGS or DGN ID; tickets are $10 and $5 for senior citizens.

Shows include:

The Philadelphia by David Ives

Synopsis: A restaurant patron falls into a Twilight-Zone state called a Philadelphia where nothing is as it seems. In fact, they constantly struggles within this world where everything exists in its complete opposite state, where inhabitants are stuck in different "cities" or states of mind.

Cast members:

  • Marissa: Jessica David
  • Al: Em Dow
  • Waitress: Isabela Martinez Herrada


The Battle of Bull Run Always Makes Me Cry by Carole Reale

Synopsis: As a frazzled Donna tells her friends Linda and Amy about her date with Patrick, the awkward and lovely encounter unfolds before our eyes.

Cast members:

  • Donna: Ally O’Connor
  • Linda: Ellen Toohey
  • Amy: Siobhan Diaz
  • Peyton: Natalia Restrepo


The Queue by Stephen Bittrich 

Synopsis: The Queue takes place in the waiting room of a New York casting director. One obnoxious American actor does his best to ruffle his fellow actor, a Brit with a posh accent, before the big audition.

Cast members:

  • Stream: Natalie Gay
  • Elizabeth: Abby Zaborowski


The Blueberry Hill Accord by Daryl Watson

Synopsis: High school student Lindsay has bad news for her friend Hannah: she wants to end their 9-year friendship. But before they go their separate ways, there are a few things that need to be straightened out, put into writing and signed.

Cast members:

  • Lindsay: Maggie DeAlba
  • Hannah: Adele Kelly


13 Ways to Screw Up Your College Interview by Ian McWethy

Synopsis: When two college recruiters at a prestigious university need to fill one last spot to keep their jobs, eccentric, dimwitted and slightly-insane high school seniors are eager to come in for an interview.

Cast members:

  • Interviewer 1: Sofia Job
  • Interviewer 2: Noel Rogers
  • Kelly:Robyn De Los Santos
  • Jay: Nyla Williams-Jordan
  • Blair: Madison Beecham
  • Jesse: Leah Chapman


How to Ruin Your Life in 15 Minutes by Caroline Haroldson

Synopsis: A boy hidden in the closet. A rogue squirrel. A nosy sister. Despite bad decisions, will Emily end up on top or ruining her entire life in 15 minutes?

Cast members:

  • Emily: Kristen Wegner
  • Hannah: Gwen Gronke
  • Sam: Joseph Stock


Production Staff: 

  • Student Director - Sam Kissi-Baah
  • Student Director - Kelsey Cain
  • Student Director - Lizzie Workman
  • Student Director - Elijah Morton
  • Student Director - Allo Peterson
  • Student Director - Jenna Malon
  • Producer -Tiffany Rubin
  • Technical Director - Hunter Evans