Important Reminders About In-Person Learning

What students should bring to school

  • Students should wear their face shield when on a bus, in the hallway, and entering/leaving school.
  • Students must wear a mask at all times.
  • A parent should complete the self-certification slip each morning, and the student should show it to the bus monitor if they ride a bus or to security if they walk or drive to school.  Students received booklets of self-certification slips when they picked up their materials in August; here is a link to a slip that can be printed.
  • Students should bring a fully charged chromebook, their charger, earbuds (preferably with microphone), and class materials.
  • Students should wear their ID on the lanyard we provided or another school appropriate lanyard.  Students who do not have an ID can get one in the cafeteria or Main Street entrance when not in a class.
  • Because we are bringing in additional outside air, students might want to dress in layers.
  • Students should not bring snacks, but they might want to bring a refillable water bottle. Our water fountains are off but the bottle filler feature works.

Arrival to/from school

  • Here is a link to bus routes. Students are asked to be at their stop 5 min early.
  • Students who walk or get dropped off should enter at the Main Street or Forest Street entrances only.
  • Students who park on campus need a parking pass. Students who have been approved for parking should have received an email from Ms. Data and should complete the electronic form sent in that email. We will deliver parking passes to students’ classes for those students who have been approved for parking but do not yet have a pass. In the meantime, it is okay for students who have been approved for parking to park in the Main Street parking lot without the parking pass.
  • Students should not arrive prior to 7:30 a.m. during Modified Hybrid Week One and 11:55 during Modified Hybrid Week Two.
  • Students must go directly to class upon arrival to school and should leave immediately after school.  There can be no congregating in the hallway.
  • Students are not using lockers at this time.

Lunches and Study Hall

  • Students who have their own transportation to/from school are allowed to arrive late/leave early when they have lunch or a study hall.  Parents must complete this form ahead of time. Students will know that the request has been processed when “early dismissal” or “late arrival” replaces the lunch or study hall on the student’s schedule in HAC. Until the schedule shows that change, students should report to the room specified on their schedule.
  • Students who have late arrival should use the Main Street Entrance when they arrive at school.
  • Students who do not have their own transportation and/or their parents have not completed the release form will be assigned to a safe supervised space.  Room numbers will be on the student’s schedule.
  • Students may not leave campus and then return to school.  

Health Guidelines


  • It is important for in-person learning students to report to school when expected to do so unless they are sick or have been ordered to quarantine. Teachers plan their lessons around who they expect to see in person vs. who they expect to see remotely. When a student is an unexpected “no show,” that disrupts the teacher’s lesson and interrupts everyone’s learning.
  • Fully Remote students should check in for attendance every class. Teachers will provide specific instructions on what the students should do during each class period.