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COVID Procedures

To participate in in-person learning, please be aware of the following requirements and COVID procedures:

What does a student need to come to school?

All students must have the following four items in order to board the bus and/or enter the school building:

  1. A self-certification slip (Spanish). Families without the packet of provided slips may download and print the slip here (Spanish).
  2. A face mask (cloth or medical). 
  3. While on a bus, during a passing period or anytime people are within six feet of others, everyone must wear both a face mask (cloth or medical) and a face shield
  4. An ID that must be worn at all times so they can be easily read on the bus or when at school. Students who don't have an ID yet should follow instructions sent from the school regarding how to get an ID.


When I call my student in absent, what will happen?  

When you call your student in as absent and ill, you will be asked what symptoms your student is exhibiting. If your student is experiencing symptoms that are on the list of those associated with COVID, you will be directed to keep your student home and wait for a follow-up from the Nurse's Office to determine next steps.

If those symptoms are unrelated to information we have on file in the Health Office, your student will be unable to return to school until able to present a negative COVID test or other documentation as requested by our Health Office.

If you or someone in your household tests positive for COVID-19, you must notify the school nurse or an administrator and keep your student home from school. District 99 will notify the DuPage County Health Department.  Additionally, all siblings of a student that tests positive must also be quarantined.  


If someone tests positive for COVID-19, what is the plan?

Anyone testing positive for COVID-19 must be quarantined as determined by DCHD guidelines and alert their health care provider. In addition, students and staff members must check in with school officials before returning to our school buildings.  


What should people expect if they are in quarantine?

Students quarantined and able to continue their learning remotely will be allowed to do so but may not attend school, athletics, or activities in person. 


If we learn that someone at D99 has tested positive for COVID-19, will I be notified?

If we learn that someone at District 99 has tested positive for COVID-19, here’s what will happen:

  • District 99 will call anyone who is identified as having had close contact (direct contact of more than 15 minutes within less than six feet) with someone who receives a positive COVID-19 test. This will include specific instructions regarding next steps.
  • District 99 will email you a “Low Risk” letter (sample) if there is someone in your classroom or immediate workspace who tests positive. This will remind everyone to be more careful in checking for symptoms daily.
  • You can view weekly district metrics of cumulative positive cases on our 2020-21 Updates page on the right-hand side under “Resources.”


What if my student shows symptoms of COVID-19 while at school? 

Any student displaying COVID-like symptoms at school will be sent to the nurse’s office for evaluation. Any student with confirmed COVID symptoms will be required to leave the school building and cannot return until approved by the school nurse.

If a student comes to school sick and is determined by the nurse to have COVID-like symptoms, they will be removed from the classroom by our personnel.  The remainder of those in their shared space will be moved to a “clean” area while the room the student was in is disinfected. 

North High and South High will maintain an area outside of the Health Office for triage of sick students and will have a separate area to serve as a quarantine room. This room will be staffed by a third-party contracted nurse. A separate restroom for students/staff who exhibit COVID symptoms will also be identified. 

  • If your student is ill at school, the nurse will assess your student and complete this form (Spanish). 
  • If any COVID-19 like symptoms are assessed, the nurse will immediately contact Parent/Guardian and isolate your student. (See page 65 of the Student Parent Handbook, “Health and Safety Procedures.”)
  • Your student will then be required to leave the school building; also note that any siblings living in the household of the sick student will also be sent home. The room your student was occupying when symptoms were present will be evacuated and sanitized.
  • Students cannot return to school in person until a parent/guardian completes this form (Spanish), which is to be approved by school officials.
  • In addition, anyone who was in quarantine must complete this form (Spanish) before returning to school.

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