Business Services at District 99 handles all financial aspects of Community High School District 99, including strategic financial planning, accounting, auditing and reporting. The mission of the team is to ensure that we deliver the highest quality of education to students in the most cost-effective ways possible.

Please visit the financial information page for certificates of tax levies, budget information, comprehensive annual financial reports, annual financial reports and check registers.

Visit the Public Bids page for current and past bid opportunities here.

Visit the contracts awarded page to see reports that list all the D99 contracts of $25,000 or more awarded.

Need help? Please contact:

Mark Staehlin, Controller, 630-795-7121

Jerre Ethridge, Business Manager, 630-795-7123

Jill Tomanich, Accounts Payable, 630-795-7124

Linda Britton, Payroll, 630-795-7125

Michelle Cannan, Executive Secretary to the Controller, Facility Rental Manager, 630-795-7104

Michelle Cannan, Purchasing, 630-795-7143