ASC Staff Directory

Wendi L Andree

Human Resources

Lisa Bollow

Director of Special Services

Jill Browning

Director of Communications

Colleen Cramer

Physical Plant Assistant

Colleen Davoren

Network Infrastructure Manager

Tony Dotts

Network Systems Administrator

Jeree Ethridge

Business Manager

Juli Gniadek

Secretary - Office of the Superintendent

Margaret Jelinek

Secretary - Office of Student Learning

Jim Kolodziej

Director, Phys Plant & Operations/Purchasing

Dr. Robert Lang

Director of Innovation in Teaching & Learning

Eileen Rogers

Human Resources Assistant - Insurance

Linda Rush

Senior Exec Secretary - Office of Student Learning

Rod Russeau

Director, Technology & Information Services

Heather Stauber

Special Services Assistant

Michelle Steinmetz

HR/Communications Support

Jim Struck

Information Systems Manager

Pete Theis

Assistant Superintendent for Human Resources

Jill E Tomanich

Accounts Payable

Scott Wuggazer

Assistant Superintendent for Special Services

Gina Ziccardi

Asst. Supt. - Student Learning & Support Services