DGN Students Honored for Excellence in Spanish Language

DGN Students Honored for Excellence in Spanish Language

Several Downers Grove North students who took the 2023 National Spanish Examination this Spring were recognized for their performance. 

Students from North High School earned one gold medal, eight silver medals, and ten bronze medals, along with 19 honorable mentions. 

In addition, four DGN students were recognized as Top Ten Scorers for the Chicago Area Contest. Carly Ermitage (Level 3) earned a 10th place ranking, Eleanor Holmes (Level 4) earned a 9th place ranking, Rollie Sporer (Level 4) earned an 8th place ranking, and Kirtsen Anderson earned a 2nd place ranking.

Students from Downers Grove North High School have a long history of high achievement on these exams and were taught by Spanish teachers Ruth Dukala, Paula Fernández, Jennifer Mariman, and Jeanne Seyller.



Kirsten Anderson, Level 5


Carly Ermitage, Level 3

Claire Foster, Level 3

Nathan Moawad, Level 3

Caleb McCloud, Level 3

Rollie Sporer, Level 4

Eleanor Holmes, Level 4

Ethan Ruta, Level 4

Gina Liu, Level 4


Melody Parker, Level 3

Audrey Casten, Level 3

Nola Kinealy, Level 3

Sydney Peterson, Level 3

Elizabeth Beavers, Level 4

Owen Cross, Level 4

Andrew Neau, Level 4

Emilia Ilioski, Level 4

Gina Cheboub, Level 4

Annika Isacson, Level 4

Honorable Mention

Hannah Renner, Meaghan Wernett, Marc Conteras, Russell Oros, Alexa Cortez, Joah Ratio, Emery Reid and Gia Shah, Level 3; Colleen Milos, Gabriella Spevak, Ryan Wilson, Angelina Palermo, Elizabeth Wojcik, Matthew Sirota, Benjamin Samuels, Grant Bowers, Maggie Stevenson, Malini Fisher, and Bella Walberg, Level 4.

The National Spanish Examinations are administered yearly in grades 6 through 12 and are sponsored by the American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese.

To learn more about the National Spanish Exam, visit their website. To learn more about World Languages, visit the North High Department page.