DGN’s "Bomb-itty of Errors" selected to perform at Illinois High School Theatre Fest

DGN’s "Bomb-itty of Errors" selected to perform at Illinois High School Theatre Fest

Original cast and crew for "Bomb-itty of Errors"

DGN’s Bomb-itty of Errors selected to perform at Illinois High School Theatre Fest

For the first time in school history, a North High theatre production has been selected to perform at the Illinois High School Theatre Fest. Bomb-itty of Errors, North High’s varsity production, will perform at this year’s event. 

The play is an adaptation of Shakespeare’s Comedy of Errors. It tells the humorous story of two sets of twins separated at birth, searching for their missing link. The production follows these brothers as they rap and rhyme their way through the show.  

DGN’s Director of Theatre, Ariel Mozes, said of the announcement, “I am so incredibly proud of our students and so thankful for all of the support from administrators.” 

Schools are chosen to perform after a rigorous selection process that includes students participating in a feedback session with a member of the play selection committee. 

The IHSTF is a non-competitive theatre festival and one of the country's largest.  

The event runs January 12–14, 2023, on the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign campus.


Original Cast

Azrael Brandt - Antipholus of Syracuse

Lauren Burzynski - Abbess, Ensemble

Ash Chavez - DJ

Nathan Farrero - MC Hendelberg, Ensemble

Natasha Fugate - Dromio of Ephesus

Keya Gupta - Bob the Messenger, Ensemble

Brooke Kowalski - Cop, Ensemble

Sydney Miller - Dromio of Syracuse

Tana Purcell - Adriana

Matthew Sirota - Antipholus of Ephesus

Grace Troelstrup - Luciana


Original Production

Director & Technical Director - Mr. Ariel Mozes

Costumes Supervisor - Ms. Chelsea Ward

Assistant Director & Stage Manager - Zoe Petro

Assistant Stage Managers - Oliver Parker, Meaghan Wernett

Scenic Designer & Assistant Technical Director - Emily Kyroudis

Assistant Technical Director - Nora Holmes

Master Carpenter - Iain Macaskill

Props & Set Dressing Supervisors - Vee Barlin, Natasha Fugate

Paint Supervisor - Lauren Burzynski

Head Painters - Maura MacDonald, Claire Romonosky

Lighting Designer - Robby Boucher

Assistant Lighting Designer - Brianna Lee

Master Electrician - Finn Larkin

Assistant Master Electrician - Melody Parker

Sound Engineer - Amelia Kolatek

Assistant Sound Engineer - Shruti Ajay

Costume Designer - Morgan Lally

Publicity Supervisor - Brooke Kowalski

Production Videographer - Finn Larkin


Original Crew

Morgen Baird, Gabe Deaton,  Esther Izrailov, Lee Kelly, Kerry

King, Rylee Loftus, Maura MacDonald, Madeline Meggos, Olivia Meggos, 

Claire Romonosky, Josh Ronquillo, Eric Sullivan