Academy Award-Winning Alum visits North High

Academy Award-Winning Alum visits North High

On Monday, Oct. 28, North High hosted esteemed alum and Academy Award winner Mr. Tomlinson Holman. 
Mr. Holman visited students in Film Studies, A Cappella Choir, and Theatre Design & Craft during the day. Also, Mr. Holman hosted a fireside chat with the PRISM and Drama Club organizations.

“We were honored to host Mr. Holman at his alma mater,” North High Fine Arts Department Chair Brayer Teague said. “Our A Cappella Choir sang our school song Alma Mater, and the words came rushing back to him. It was a beautiful moment for everyone to experience.”

During his conversations with students, Mr. Holman shared his experiences from his time at North High as well as the professional opportunities that led him to success. He encouraged students to follow their passion and to understand their journeys may take them in different directions than they anticipated.

Mr. Holman graduated from North High in 1964 and the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in 1968. He went on to invent the THX Sound System, which earned him an Academy Award for Technical Achievement in 2002. He was also a professor of sound engineering at the University of Southern California for many years. 

Mr. Holman was awarded the North High Alumni Award of Excellence in 2003 and returned to North High to visit students at that time.

For more information, and to view more photos, visit the North High Fine Arts blog.