100 Student Musicians Participate in State Solo and Ensemble Contest

100 Student Musicians Participate in State Solo and Ensemble Contest

District 99 student musicians participated in the Illinois High School Association State Solo and Ensemble Contest at Hinsdale South on March 2. Students prepare solos and ensembles and play for an expert adjudicator, receiving both a score and a rating, and, formative feedback for improvement. Additionally, students performing solos must play scales from memory, demonstrating technical fluency on their instruments outside of their prepared solo work.

100 students from North High School performed Solos and Ensembles that earned a Division I rating of SUPERIOR. A Division I score is categorized as “A Superior Performance – outstanding in nearly every detail.”  In addition, 41 students from Downers Grove North High School performed Solos and Ensembles that garnered a Division II rating of OUTSTANDING. A Division II score is categorized as “An excellent performance – only minor defects.”

“Preparing for a Solo and Ensemble contest is a great opportunity for our students to express their individualism as soloists and to develop teamwork skills with small ensembles,” said Brayer Teague, Fine Arts Department Chair at North High. “We’re very proud of all our students who entered the state contest this year. They did a terrific job representing North High with their musicianship.”

Four North High student musicians received perfect scores at the State Contest. Emilija Irvin, Emma Krause, Mackenzie McGuire, and Andrew Swenson each earned perfect marks from the judges for their solo work. Mackenzie McGuire also received a “Best in Room Citation” for garnering the highest achievement score in her event room. 

The following North High Music Events received a “Division I—Superior” rating:
Aleena Albert - Horn
Tessa Arenz - Bass Clarinet
Nicholas Atonson - Violin
Daniel Atwater - Trumpet
Justin Berghorst - Violin
Carissa Blumka - Flute
Abigail Bowers - Flute
Lucie Boyd - Viola
Grace Chalberg - Trumpet
Mikayla Cichy - Flute
Phoebe Covey - Trumpet
Alison Dry - Trombone
Jaclyn Duellman - Voice
Emma Duncan - Viola
Rebecca Edmundson - Violin
Emily Ennis - Flute
Derek Ferraro - Trumpet
Abbie Folkening - Flute
Marissa Gonzalez - Flute
Jeannie Hansen - Bassoon
Zachery Heppner - Clarinet
Aaron Heppner - Flute
Isaac Hsu - Cello
Emilija Irvin - Bassoon – Perfect Score
Matt Isenman - Alto Sax
William Janka - Tuba
Rachel Jeske - Oboe
Josephine Jurasas - Trumpet
Bilal Khurshid - Snare Drum
Amelia Korbitz - Violin
Francesca Korbitz - Flute
Helen Kosowski - Flute
Emma Krause - Flute – Perfect Score
Mary Lerch - Horn
Blake Lietz - Trombone
Cora Lingenfelter - Voice
Sarah Lupescu - Clarinet
Katherine Lyda - Violin
Margaret Lyons - Flute
Gavin McCool - Trumpet
Parker Jo McGuire - Violin
Mackenzie McGuire - Voice – Perfect Score / Best in Room Citation
Alyssa Miller - Voice
Brady Moore - Cello
Amaya Munoz - Violin
David Nelson - Clarinet
Raegan Novak - Flute
Owen Nystrom - Bassoon
Katelynn Ohk - Flute
Jonathan Orjala - Trumpet
Noah Pardue - Viola
Brian Perillos - Euphonium
Caroline Plune - Flute
Caroline Plune - Voice
Catherine Ramsey - Harp
Tressa Rapach - Trumpet
Matthew Rios - Trumpet
Sam Stein - Trumpet
Andrew Swenson - Trumpet – Perfect Score
Miles Teague - Horn
Alayla Tingzon - Flute
Julianna Tuohy - Trombone

Jozie Arenz, Cole Merkin, Brian Perillo, Josh Powers - Euphonium Quartet
Katelynn Ohk, Alayla Tingzon - Flute Duet
Mckayla Cichy, Emily Ennis, Abbie Folkening, Raegan Novak - Flute Quartet
Catherine Ramsey, Caitlyn Stocki - Harp Duet
Melissa Parkinson, Alyssa Cafferty - String Duet
Sotis Gouriotis, Xiaoya Harrison, Shea Casey - String Trio
Katherine Gross, Julia McGuire - String Duet
David Schmurr, Tushar Mitra, Benjamin Hodonicky, James "J.P." Vranas - String Quartet
Justin Berghorst, Elizabeth Cremer, Alena Spreitzer, Amy Spreitzer - String Quartet
Olga Sretenovic, Megan Krause, Jesse Wei, Noah Pardue, Claire Matthews, Julia Latocha - String Sextet
Emilija Irvin, Rachel Jeske, Emma Krause, Aidan Purcell, Miles Teague - Woodwind Quintet

The following North High Music Events received a “Division II—Excellent” rating:
Madeline Antonio - Violin
Grace Arnold - Violiln
Jeremy Blumka - Trombone
Gwen Casten - Trumpet
Lucas Marra - Horn
Zarchary McDermott - Horn
Denny McNulty - Horn
Taran Mellacheruvu - Violin
Luke Ourada - Viola
Edie Pawlak - Marimba
Andy Perino - Trumpet
Paige Sadler - Violin
Sunti Segrave-Daly - Clarinet
Demitrious Stravou - Violin
Julia Szostak - Cello
Katherine Tokash - Violin

Amelia Korbitz, Lucile Boyd - String Duet
Paige Sadler, Julia Szostak - String Duet
Madeline Antonio, Grace Arnold, Demetrios Stavrou - String Trio
Rebecca Edmundson, Naia Brandt, Luke Ourada, Isaac Hsu - String Quartet
Amaya Munoz, Akshi Mistry, Owen Lesley, Zoey Etheridge - String Quartet
Katherine Lyda, Aleena Albert, Emma Duncan, Braden Moore, Josie Bondarowicz - String Quintet
Parker McGuire, Katherine Tokash, Benedikt Strempfer, Sophie Peters, Sebastian Strempfer - String Quintet

For more information, please contact Fine Arts Department Chair Brayer Teague at bteague@csd99.org or visit the North High Fine Arts Blog.