Alumni Award of Excellence Program

Since 2003, North High School in Downers Grove has recognized outstanding alumni as they have made outstanding contributions in their field and continue to make their mark in the world. 

Our Alumni Award of Excellence program recognizes North High alumni who have made significant contributions to society and whose accomplishments, affiliations and careers have honored the legacy of excellence at our school. Celebrating the history and diverse experiences of our alumni will empower current and future students to create a positive impact on the world.

North High is now taking applications for the 2022 Alumni Award of Excellence program. Nominate a former classmate by March 1, 2022.


The Alumni Award of Excellence Program was established in 2003 by Mr. Fritz Wildermuth, former principal of North High School.

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The following people have been Alumni Award of Excellence recipients:

Class of 2018:

  • Staff Sergeant Kristin Bowers - Class of 2002
  • Dr. Christine Todd - Class of 1985
  • Dr. Thomas Wascher - Class of 1977

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Class of 2016:

  • Ms. Erica Lynette Edwards - Class of 1998
  • Dr. Burr Eichelman - Class of 1961

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Class of 2014:

  • Ms. Karen Badendick Laio - Class of 1973
  • Dr. Kevin Michael Myles - Class of 1952

Class of 2009:

  • Dr. Sara (Sally) Armstrong
  • Sr. Joseph Balagtas
  • Mrs. Lynette Yakley Edwards
  • Mr. Laurence Gassen
  • Mr. Dave Humphreys
  • Mr. Christopher Huntley
  • Dr. Patrick O’Flaherty
  • Mr. Harry Pease

Class of 2005:

  • Ms. Muriel Anderson
  • Ms. Gloria McGill Burdette
  • Dr. Steven Devick
  • Cmdr. Joseph Hibbeln, MD
  • Mr. Fred Krehbiel
  • Mr. Timothy McJoynt
  • Dr. Floyd Mizener

Class of 2004:

  • Ms. Jane Armstrong-Byrne
  • Dr. Russell Fernald
  • Dr. Gary Hlady
  • The Honorable James McDermott
  • Dr. Roger Vieth

Class of 2003:

  • Mr. Ronald Baukol
  • Mr. Tomlinson Holman
  • Ms. Karen Kabbes
  • Mr. Robert Lewis
  • Dr. George McDonough
  • Mr. Sherrill Milnes
  • Dr. John Wander
  • Ms. Dimis Wyman

We continue to celebrate the contributions of each of these recipients and appreciate all of the work that they have done in their respective fields and within our community!