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Doctors who care for children are different from doctors who care for adults. For this reason, young adults seeking health care need certain skills:

  • Ability and willingness to tell the doctor about your history, current symptoms, lifestyle, and self-care in just a few minutes (including carrying your own records and a summary of your medical history).
  • Ability to ask questions about your condition and how it will aff ect your school, work, recreation, and social life.
  • Ability to tell the doctor about your needs for education, technology, and accommodations and how your condition affects or might be affected by these.
  • Willingness to follow medical recommendations that have been mutually developed by you and your doctor.
  • More independence in following up with referrals and keeping all agencies informed.
  • More involvement in keeping yourself well with diet and weight control, limiting risk taking behaviors (such as drinking alcohol, smoking, taking non-prescription drugs, or unsafe sexual practices), and getting help when you feel angry, lonely, or sad for long periods.
  • Being more aware of your physical and mental symptoms and health needs before you have a serious medical crisis and know if you cannot (health care surrogate).
  • Understanding how the health care benefits/insurance plan you have works for you: when to call for pre-approval, how to get reimbursements, what services are not covered, and how to file an appeal if you do not agree with decisions from the plan.
  • Recognizing that as you become more capable in directing your care that you, not your parents, should make medical appointments, be the most knowledgeable about your health needs, know when to seek guidance in solving problems, and demonstrate that you are capable and competent and ready for adulthood!

Illinois Department of Health and Welfare

Important Phone Numbers and Email Addresses:

Health Benefits for Workers with Disabilities
TTY 1-866-675-8440

Illinois Rx Buying Club
TTY 1-866-215-3479