Adult Services Resources

One of the most difficult decisions is what agency to select to assist you with residential, vocational, educational, and related supports and services. Most important is to pay attention to how you feel when you talk to a provider as well as the information they share. In addition, there are some questions that you might want to think about asking as you make your selection. View a list of questions here.

Aspire (708) 547-3550 
This agency has a variety of services for children and adult with disabilities. Services include: day programing, supportive employment, Aspire Industries Workshop, career pre-training and residential options.

Canopy at Giant Steps (630) 864-3856 
The Canopy Program was developed in the spring of 2012 to help bridge the growing divide between autism services for children and that of adults. Canopy is based in Giant Steps and offers individualized programming for adults with autism over the age of 22. Each participant’s program is specifically designed to match their particular areas of need, interest, and strengths.

Helping Hand (708) 352-3580 
This agency provides a variety of services for children through adults with disabilities. Services include: Subcom Integrated Factory, day programing, transition services, recreation opportunities, supportive employment and residential options. Although this agency is located in Cook County they serve families from surrounding areas as well.

Little Friends Inc. (630) 355-6533
Little friends provide a variety of service for children and adult with autism and other developmental disabilities. The agency has a variety of adult services including: Spectrum vocational services, supportive employment, and residential options.

Parents Alliance Employment Project (630) 955-2075 
Services provided by PAEP are based on the philosophy that all individuals have the right to work in the communities in which they live. PAEP provides a variety of programs and services to individuals with developmental disabilities including career counseling, job training and preparation, job development, job placement, and job coaching and follow-up. Each of the unique services assists individuals with disabilities to develop secure career plans, enter into and retain community employment.

Ray Graham Association (630) 620-2222 
This agency provides a variety of service including day program options, supportive employment and residential options. The agency has a variety of services to meet the needs of the diverse population of individuals with developmental disabilities.

The level of individualization includes the type of programming for functional life skills as well as addressing the participant’s communication style, sensory processing, leisure interests, and social abilities. Programming is based on best practices developed in the day school.

SEA: Supportive Employment Services Inc. (630) 653-5662
This agency acts as a liaison between individuals with disabilities and prospective or current employers. They provide some job coaching and training.

SEASPAR Eagles (630) 960-7600
This is a year-round life skills enrichment program which is designed to assist young adults (ages 18 through 35) with their transition from high school to adult life in the community.

Turning Pointe Autism Foundation (630) 570-7948
This organization serves individuals who are on the autism spectrum. Services include a Career College, recreation and residential options.

UCP Sequin (708) 863-3803 
This agency is based in Cook County but services the surrounding areas as well. UCP Sequin provides the following services: day programing, transition (Sequin Climb) program, supportive employment and vocational training, and residential options.