Summer School FAQs


When is summer school?

Semester 1: June 7-10, 14-17, 21-23 (3-week block)

Semester 2: June 28- July 1, July 6-8, 12-15 (3-week block)

Most classes meet from 8:00 am – 2:00 pm.  Exceptions are: Drivers Ed and Key to Academic Success and AP. Chem Prep. Please see course descriptions for exact times. 

What will my students need to bring to summer school?
All students will need their Chromebooks, chargers, and school ID in summer school. Incoming freshmen and outside students will be given Chromebook/ID on their first day of school (or we will reach out sooner if there is a sooner pickup date). They should also bring a pen/pencil and folder/notebook.

If they are in a math class and have a graphing calculator, they should bring that. 

NOTE: We do our best to keep all rooms cool, so your student should dress in layers and bring a sweatshirt in case it is needed.

Is breakfast or lunch served?

Breakfast and lunch are free to all students this year. This form was sent out to all enrolled to order or list if they will bring their own sack lunch.

If you are dropping off your child to eat breakfast, they should arrive no later than 7:40AM to grab their breakfast and eat it before class. Busses will arrive in time to eat before class as well.

Each kid will be given a 25 minute lunch break, either in the room, outside (on nice days), or in the cafeteria, based on their class and social distance guidelines. It is not student choice where they eat, but it is assigned to account for tracking of students.

How important is attendance?

Attendance is extremely important. If a student misses more than 2 days of school per semester (1 for Drivers Ed), regardless of the reason, they will need to be withdrawn from summer school and no refund will be issued. Official documentation will not excuse an absence like in regular school year. Each day of summer school is roughly equivalent to an entire week of regular school curriculum. Please plan vacations, sports, camps, etc. outside of the summer school program.

Every tardy (being late to class between 1 minute and 19 minutes) counts. If you receive 3 tardies, that is counted as an absence.

Can my student take multiple classes?

Students are only able to take ONE class per semester, which typically runs 8AM-2PM for that class. We encourage students to talk to their counselors prior to registering to figure out what is best for their 4-year plan.

Can my student re-take a class if they earned a D but want to get a better grade?

Students are able to retake a course, with counselor permission. The student's new grade will be recorded on the transcript and it will also be calculated into the student's GPA.

What happens if we decide last minute to no longer take a course?

Your child will receive either a withdrawal grade or withdraw fail on their transcripts, based on when they are removed. If you would not like the withdrawal grade, you must email prior to June 4th to cancel with no penalty.

What do I do if my student needs to be absent?

You will need to fill out this form to notify us your child is absent. If it is for any sickness related reason, please copy in our school nurse, Emily Contrares ( Remember, three absences in a semester is an automatic fail, regardless of reasons.

How will my student know where to report?
On June 4th, you will receive an email with information about where to report. If you are not familiar with the building, once you enter a drop off point at North, administrators and staff will be present to help you get to class. Consider getting dropped off a few minutes early on the first day in order to be sure you are not late.



Is this program in person, hybrid, or remote this year?
Summer school 2020-2021 will be a fully in-person experience (with hybrid option only for when students are quarantined). 

Are masks required? What if my child is vaccinated?
At this time, masks are required for all students, even if they are vaccinated.

Can my student choose to attend digitally for a few days?

No. Students do not have the choice to attend in person or digitally. They must attend in person all days of summer school, unless quarantined.

What if my student is quarantined or sick?

If your child gets quarantined by D99, we will be in contact to review policies. If they are exposed outside of school or sick, please contact school nurse Emily Contrares In this situation, kids MUST attend remotely and it is expected that they remain on camera and off mute in order to best mock the in-person experience. Attendance will be taken BASED ON PARTICIPATION on those days. If they do not log in on time and actively participate, D99 has the ability to count that as an "absence". 


Transportation Questions

How will my child get to school?
Bus Transportation will be available to only District 99 students that live at least 1.5 miles away.  Please note on the registration form if you are interested in bus service so we can coordinate bus routes.  Bus route information will be available on our web site no later than end of day June 4th and will also be emailed out at that time.  Seating charts will be used to contact trace.

Is parking available?
Yes students can park in the Main Street parking lot at DGN and cross at the light to get to school. No other lots should be used for summer school

I am driving my kid. Where do I drop them off?
They must be dropped off in the Main Street parking lot. You cannot use the Forest or back entrance due to construction and bussing. Also,  please do not just slow down on Main Street and have them hop out, as it is a traffic and safety concern.

If my students ride their bike, where can they park it? 
Students who ride bicycles should be careful to chain their bikes to the bike racks in front of the school.  IN THE EVENT OF THEFT, DISTRICT 99 IS NOT RESPONSIBLE.

Additional Questions?
Fill out your question here and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

You can also contact Kristina Toth or call North High School 630-795-8400