District 99 Staff 2022 W-2s Now Available

District 99 Staff 2022 W-2s Now Available

Dear District 99 employees:

The Payroll Department has completed your 2023 W-2 form. Your official W-2 is available through the Employee Access Center (EAC). Please look at the instructions below to view and/or print your copy. 

Once again, this year, in an attempt to continue to be paperless in the district, we are NOT printing paper copies of your W-2. 

You will need to print your own W-2.

Employees who have separated from the district remain active in Employee Access and can continue to log on. 


Things you may see on your W-2 that you may have questions about, but only if they apply to you:

Box 9 - Verification Code- District 99 has NOT been chosen to participate in this program as of yet. This box will be blank.

Box 10 reflects any Dependent Care Contributions you had withheld during the year.

Box 12 reflects the following codes/amounts if they apply to you:

                    C = Taxable value of any Group Life Insurance coverage over $50,000.

                    E = 403(b) Contributions- Annuities.

G = 457(b) Contributions – Annuities.

W = H S A Contributions – Employer AND Employee contributions.

                   BB = 403(b) Contributions- Roth DD = Employer and Employee cost of Health Insurance (information required by the 2010 Health Reform Law).

EE = 457(b) Contributions – Roth.

Box 14 reflects the following deductions if they apply to you: PENS= Pension Contributions-TRS or IMRF

                        MEDCAL= Medical Contributions- Employee Portion

                        DENTAL= Dental Contributions- Employee Portion

                        VISION= Vision Insurance Contributions-Employee Portion

                        UNION= Union Dues paid for 2023


You can find complete instructions on the IRS website

Please remember the earnings you see in Box 1 are your FEDERAL TAXABLE EARNINGS and will not reflect your GROSS EARNINGS (without tax-sheltered deductions).

Again, please look below for instructions on printing your W-2 form through the Employee Access Center (EAC). See Below:

To view and/or print your W-2 information from the EAC:
Instructions to view W2s (and other Employee information) online

Step 1: From the www.CSD99.org website- Choose the STAFF tab

Step 2: Log in to Employee Access Center

Step 3: Log in using your email and password or employee number and password. If you’ve forgotten your password – click the “Forgot your Password?” link.

Step 4: Select “Print W2s” from the list on the left side of the screen.

Step 5: Choose 2023 to see/print your W2.


Please contact me at 630-795-7125 or lmeziere@csd99.org if you have any questions. Thank you!

Lin Meziere


Payroll Specialist, CPP

District 99