District 99 Staff 2023 W-2s Now Available

District 99 Staff 2023 W-2s Now Available

The Payroll Department has completed your 2023 W-2. Your official W-2 is available through the Employee Access Center (EAC).

This year again, in an attempt to continue to be paperless in the district, we are NOT printing paper copies of your W-2. 

You will need to print your own W-2.

For current employees, read the instructions on how to view and/or print your copy. 

Employees who have separated from the district (not currently receiving a paycheck) remain active in Employee Access and can continue to log on.

Read the instructions on how to view and/or print your copy.


Things you may see on your W-2 that you may have questions about, but only if they apply to you:

  • Box 9 - Verification Code- District 99 has NOT been chosen to participate in this program as of yet. This box will be blank.
  •  Box 10 reflects any Dependent Care Contributions you had withheld during the year.
  • ·Box 12 reflects the following codes/amounts if they apply to you:
    •     C = Taxable value of any Group Life Insurance coverage over $50,000.
    •     E = 403(b) Contributions- Annuities.
    •     G = 457(b) Contributions – Annuities.
    •     W = H S A  Contributions – Employer AND Employee contributions.
    •     BB = 403(b) Contributions- Roth     
    •     DD = Employer and Employee cost of Health Insurance (information required by the 2010 Health Reform Law).                                                                               
    •     EE = 457(b) Contributions – Roth.
  • ·Box 14 reflects the following deductions if they apply to you:         
    •  PENS= Pension Contributions-TRS or IMRF
    •  MEDCAL= Medical Contributions- Employee Portion
    •  DENTAL= Dental Contributions- Employee Portion
    •  VISION= Vision Insurance Contributions-Employee Portion
    •  UNION= Union Dues paid for 2023                                                                         

You can find full instructions on the IRS website www.irs.gov 

Please remember the earnings you see in Box 1 are your FEDERAL TAXABLE EARNINGS and will not reflect your GROSS EARNINGS (without tax-sheltered deductions).

Please feel free to contact Lin Meziere at 630-795-7125 or lmeziere@csd99.org should you have any questions.