DGN Welcomes its New Teachers!

DGN Welcomes its New Teachers!

It's the first day for our new North High teachers! 

North High welcomes the following new teachers for the 2018-19 school year!

Front Row (left to right):

  • Alison Johnson, Transition 99 Teacher
  • Sophia Reuillon, French DGS & DGN
  • Allison Bava, Library Department Chair
  • Jennifer Grenchik, Speech-Language Pathologist
  • Natalie Gannon, Speech-Language Pathologist, North and Transition 99
  • Kat Pantke, Guidance Counselor

Back Row (left to right):

  • Kristy Scholtes, Social Worker, North and Transition 99
  • Catherine Peuvion, LEA Representative
  • Joshua Croci, Special Services
  • Jessen Smith, Fine Arts
  • Gabriel Harris, PE and Health
  • Chuck Trott, CTE
  • Joe Horeni, PE

We are glad you're here!