Three DGN Students Win 2018 Regional Scholastic Writing Awards

Three DGN Students Win 2018 Regional Scholastic Writing Awards

English & Communications Teacher Demetrios Pappageorge, Marion Deal, Emma Segrest, Audrey Dwyer, English & Communications Department Chair Chris Bronke

North High students Marion Deal, Audrey Dwyer and Emma Segrest were recognized by the Belin-Blank Center at the University of Iowa as Scholastic Writing Award recipients.

Presented by the Alliance for Young Artists & Writers, the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards are the country's longest-running and most prestigious scholarship and recognition program for creative students in grades 7–12. This program year, more than 330,000 works of art and writing were submitted to 122 Affiliate regions across the country. As one of the largest national affiliates, the Belin-Blank Center adjudicated over 7,000 pieces of art and writing from the Iowa and Midwest Regions.

Listed below are the North students and their writing award recognitions. Gold Key recipients will be part of the National Adjudication and winners will be announced on March 13.

Marion Deal, Senior:

  • Gold Key and American Voices Nominee for Journalism: Don’t Trust Anyone Over 30: History, Culture, and the fight for the Future of Jackson, WY
    - Only five works of writing from each region are selected by local judges as American Voices Nominees. These nominees are “Best in Show” awards that most exemplify originality, technical skill, and the emergence of a personal voice or vision.
  • Gold Key Award for Poetry: Eddas in the Kitchen, Kennedy’s Chosen
  • Silver Key Award for Poetry: A Prophetic Exercise for the Fifth Grade (My Hometown)
  • Silver Key Award for Poetry: No More Odes, Protocol for Gods (First Contact), Summoning Spirits for the Loney: A Primer
  • Silver Key Award for Poetry: Candlelit Evening, Bring an Umbrella, Diluvialists Preparing for the High School Play
  • Silver Key Award for Writing Portfolio: Drawing and Quartering the Country
  • Honorable Mention for Poetry: Burned by Me
  • Honorable Mention for Poetry: elegy for the mature at 15
  • Honorable Mention for Poetry: Golden Child of the Beats -- 60 Years Later, Gateway Women, Creation Myth

Audrey Dwyer, Sophomore:

  • Honorable Mention for Personal Essay/Memoir: Leap

Emma Segrest, Junior: 

  • Honorable Mention for Dramatic Script: Abduction Absentees
  • Gold Key Award for Dramatic Script: Nate & Chelsea
  • Honorable Mention for Poetry: Oh the Seasons for Change

“We’re incredibly proud of our students sharing their creative voices and earning Scholastic Writing Awards,” said Janice Schwarze, principal of North High. “Congratulations to Marion, Audrey and Emma for their success in this prestigious competition.”

For more information about the Alliance for Young Artists & Writers and the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards, visit their website.