District 99 Student Artwork Featured in IHSAE's Annual General Exhibition

District 99 Student Artwork Featured in IHSAE's Annual General Exhibition

Downers Grove North and South Fine Arts students displayed their artwork at the Illinois High School Art Exhibition’s annual General Exhibition on Sunday, February 26. The General Exhibition, held at the Zhou B. Art Center in Chicago, is a competition developed by teachers that recognizes high school students from more than 100 high schools each year for their artistic distinction.

“We’re extremely proud of our students,” says North High Fine Arts Chairman Brayer Teague. “Beyond any awards or scholarships, it is considered a high honor just to have your work included in this major exhibition.”

The following students exhibited their artwork at the IHSAE General Exhibition:

Downers Grove North:

  • Patrick Adelman, Sculpture
  • Marcus Bacerra, Painting
  • Evie Brindl, Photography
  • Mantas Motekaitis, Time Arts
  • Lucy Quinn, Mixed Media
  • Makenna Tallon, Ceramics

Downers Grove South:

  • Sydney Antiporek
  • Evalina Dygdon
  • Robbie  Khalil
  • Devin Steinhaus
  • Stephanie Stewart

DGN students Marcus Bacerra and Lucy Quinn were awarded summer scholarships to the American Academy of Art. Marcus received an award for his painting, “Crowded Subway” and Lucy received an award for her mixed media piece, “Air Head.” DGS student Sydney Antiporek earned a scholarship award to enroll in a college level photography class this summer at Syracuse University in New York.

At the accompanying Illinois High School Art Exhibition’s annual Senior Scholarship Competition, nine DGN Fine Arts students displayed work:

  • Abigail Blanchard
  • Zoe Covey
  • Eliza Graham
  • Delaney Henrickson
  • Amanda Micus
  • Mantas Motekaitis
  • Aiden Perez
  • Laura Stallter
  • Audrey Staron

Abigail Blanchard, Amanda Micus, Mantas Motekaitis, Aiden Perez and Audrey Staron were recognized with scholarship awards from various colleges.

Audrey Staron’s mixed media collage, “Lost Her Head” was awarded the Best in Show prize, selected from over 300 works on display.

The IHSAE receives more than 2500 submissions for consideration for the General Exhibition. Each year, the IHSAE curates and exhibits over 500 student artists from over 110 high schools. Between the General Exhibition and the Senior Scholarship Exhibition, the IHSAE has connected students to over $30 million in college scholarship offers and $15,000 in awards.

For more information about the Illinois High School Art Exhibition, visit http://www.ihsae.org/. View the DGN artworks here. View the DGS artworks here.