D99 Student Artists Receive 150+ Scholastic Art Awards; Public Exhibit Runs February 5-10

D99 Student Artists Receive 150+ Scholastic Art Awards; Public Exhibit Runs February 5-10

South High student Emmanuelle Copeland’s drawing, “No” was deemed, “Best of Show” and won an American Vision Award at the 2017 Regional Scholastic Art Awards.

Student artists from both Downers Grove North High School and Downers Grove South High School received over 150 awards at the 2017 Regional Scholastic Art Awards on January 21, 2017. The judging was held at Downers Grove North, where 1,130 student artists from 40 area schools submitted 2,619 works of art for adjudication. North High artists won 92 awards, including 28 Gold Key Awards, 30 Silver Key Awards, and 33 Honorable Mention Awards. South High arts merited 65 awards, including 18 Gold Key Awards, 23 Silver Key Awards, 24 Honorable Mention Awards, and one American Vision Award nominee. American Vision Award nominees are considered the "Best of Show" by the judging panel and only five pieces from the entire region are selected for this prestigious honor.

“We are exceedingly proud of both the process followed by our student artists, and, of the products they all create.” says Glenn Williams, Fine Arts Department Chairman at South High. “Scholastic Art Awards represent a high point of artistic achievement for a high school visual artist.” 

These pieces, and all the award winning pieces from the entire regions, will be unveiled at the Exhibition Opening and Artists Reception on Sunday, February 5, 2017 from 1-4 p.m. in the auditorium foyer at Downers Grove North High School. The public is welcome to attend. The artworks will be on display in the exhibit from February 5-10 at the North High School campus Main Street Lobby (4436 Main Street, Downers Grove, IL 60515).

“We are very excited to host the regional exhibition at North High,” says Brayer Teague, Fine Arts Department Chairman. “This show is always an amazing display of student creativity and a testament to the wonderful art teaching that is happening in District 99.” 

According to Teague, the art teachers from both North and South High School play an important role in putting the exhibition together. “Our District 99 art teachers are the engine behind this regional affiliate of the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards. Their dedication and tireless commitment enables student artists from all over the suburban region to have their work evaluated by professional artists.”

Downers Grove South Award Winners

Gold Key Awards (18)
Lauren Ackerman  - Photography
Sidney Antiporek - (2) - Digital Art, Photography
Patricia Barcenas - Painting
Emmanuelle Copeland - (2) - Drawing and Illustration
Jessica Foster - Photography
Mya Glover - Photography
Caroline Grannan - Ceramics and Glass
Natalie Lazuka - Ceramics and Glass
Paige Massey - Photography
Claire Pikul - (5) - Art Portfolio (2); Digital Art (2); Photography 
Stephanie Stewart - Drawing and Illustration

Silver Key Awards (23)
Sydney Antiporek - Silver (2) - Photography
Valerie Blackmore - Ceramics and Glass
Ivy Bukowski - Digital Art
Emmanuelle Copeland - (2) - Drawing and Illustration; Painting
Laurie Cox - Painting
Payton Froats - (2) - Photography
Emma Gannaway - Photography
Mya Glover - Photography
Samantha Mark - Drawing and Illustration
Shalyn Martinek - Sculpture
Marisa-Rene McGivern - Photography
Michelle Mo - (2) - Painting
Kailee O'Connor - Ceramics and Glass
Samantha Perkins - Photography
Katherine Roth - Photography
Stephanie Stewart - (2) - Painting
Aubrey Vernon - Mixed Media

Honorable Mention Awards (23)
Megan Albers - Digital Art
Ivy Bukowski - Digital Art
Emmanuelle Copeland - Drawing and Illustration
Michelle Hopkins - Drawing and Illustration; Printmaking
Marisa Kasher - Ceramics and Glass
Nina Kovaltchuk - Digital Art
Hope Krska - Drawing and Illustration
Tylie Loya - Drawing and Illustration
Shalyn Martinek - Sculpture
Marissa-Rene McGivern - Photography
Michelle Mo - Painting
Jessica Niehus - Drawing and Illustration
Kaitlyn O'Toole - Photography
Claire Pikul - (5) - Digital Art (4); Photography
Hailey Rodden - Photography
Isabella Taylor - Ceramics and Glass
Aubrey Vernon - (2) - Mixed Media

Downers Grove North Award Winners

Gold Key Awards (28)
Marcus Bacerra, Drawing and Illustration
Abigail Blanchard, Drawing and Illustration (1), Design (1), Digital Art (1), Comic Art (1)
Evie Brindl, Photography (3)
Sofia Conti, Sculpture
Zoe Covey, Painting
Mokhamad (Adnan) Dwiadar, Drawing and Illustration
Lukas Elisha, Photography
Caden Faldetta Photography
John Klasing, Digital Art
Kyle Mitchell, Mixed Media (1), Jewelry (1)
Aiden Perez, Photography (3)
Gema  Perez, Photography
Amanda Prochaska, Jewelry
Amy Sczepanik, Ceramics & Glass
Kate Sosnovsky, Comic Art
Audrey Staron, Drawing and Illustration (2), Art Portfolio (1)
Alexandra Tomsky, Jewelry
Emma Wilson, Digital Art

Silver Key Awards (30)
Kaitlyn Almazan, Photography
Imran Anjum, Photography
Marcus Bacerra, Painting (1), Drawing and Illustration (3)
Marion Deal, Printmaking (2)
Benjamin Gartlan, Drawing and Illustration (2)
Eliza Graham, Drawing and Illustration
Samantha Hicks, Jewelry
Hollis Kerr, Photography
Ryan Martin, Ceramics & Glass
Amanda Micus, Photography (2)
Mantas Motekaitis, Digital Art (2), Art Portfolio (1)
Michelle Ochedzan, Photography
Aiden Perez, Photography (2), Design (1)
Lucy Quinn, Digital Art

Honorable Mention Awards (33)
Patrick Adelman, Jewelry
Audrey Bican, Comic Art
Eric Bican, Ceramics & Glass
Micaela Bjarnson, Photography
Abigail Blanchard, Design (2), Drawing and Illustration (1)
Evie Brindl, Photography
Corissa Clemons, Ceramics & Glass
Marion Deal, Printmaking (2)
Isabella Giuliano, Photography
Delaney Henrikson, Painting
John Klasing, Drawing and Illustration (2)
Alexis Krug, Mixed Media
Amanda Micus, Photography (2)
Isabelle Mooney, Photography
Mantas Motekaitis, Digital Art (2)
Aiden Perez, Photography (4)
Grace Puc, Ceramics & Glass
Annie Ruddy, Photography
Jessica Schmidt, Drawing and Illustration
Makenna Tallon, Ceramics & Glass
Maggie Urbanski, Ceramics & Glass
Emma Wilson, Painting (2), Digital Art (1)

The Scholastic Art & Writing Awards is the nation’s longest-running and most prestigious award and recognition program for creative teens. For more information, visit www.artandwriting.org.