Master Facility Plan


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On March 20, 2018, the District 99 Community voted to support Master Facility Plan (MFP), and work is underway. 

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See complete architectural designs as of 1/14/19 here

Overall MFP Budget

Following months of planning and input from staff and the community, District 99 staff and architects presented the detailed Master Facility Plan for both North High and South High to the Board of Education on January 14, 2019. Construction will begin this summer and continue through mid-August 2021. Designs for both schools include secured vestibules and new additions to house science, fine arts and culinary classes. In addition, both schools will have large Learning Commons areas featuring abundant natural light and seating. The team of architects includes an acoustician, who will ensure that both quiet and collaborative zones are established within the Learning Commons at both schools. 

Design of collaboration staircase in DGS Learning Commons

Comprehensive Video Presentation of DGS Plans

South High Project Highlights 

  • A new 1,250-seat auditorium, including a new theatre classroom, studio theatre and scene shop to support programming. 
  • Two new culinary lab classrooms that include teacher demonstration stations and demonstration kitchen accessible to a commons space. 
  • A new addition on the northeast corner of the school that will house a visual arts suite on the first floor and four new science labs and classrooms on the second floor. Both floors will feature interconnecting classrooms to maximize flexibility of use.
  • A renovated and centralized administrative center at the front of the school with ample waiting areas, allowing students easy access to counselors, the college and career center, deans, nurse and security staff.
  • A renovated library and technology support areas, accessible from the Learning Commons.
  • New materials, including wood, that will enhance the mix of elements (bricks, glass, stone) currently in use on the exterior of the building. The turquoise metal band at the top of the school will be painted white.
  • In addition to new ADA-compliant outdoor bleachers and squad rooms, a second athletic turf field will be installed on the corner of Dunham and 63rd Street, extending the amount of usable outdoor space for athletic programs and physical education classes. 
  • Beautification and design improvements for the main and west entrances, as well as parking lot modifications to ease congestion.

What’s Under Construction and When at South High

  • Main entrance secured vestibule, administrative center, culinary arts, life skills classrooms and second turf field - Summer 2019
  • Visual arts and science addition and bleachers/squad rooms - 2019-20 School Year
  • Auditorium and Learning Commons - 2020-21 School Year (Alternate plans are being made while the auditorium is unavailable during the 2020-21 school year.)
  • Library and technology support renovations - Summer 2021

Design of the Learning Commons at DGN

Comprehensive Video Presentation of DGN Plans

North High Project Highlights

  • New and expanded kitchen and serving areas, as well as a dining area inside the footprint of the original school building. The brick exterior of the original 1928 building will be exposed and restored, giving the new space character and a sense of history.
  • The west entrance circle drive will be closed, separating pedestrian and vehicular traffic. The original gym will be converted to building services, streamlining maintenance and deliveries to and from the building. 
  • Renovated multi-needs classrooms, better equipping students with special needs important work/life skills.
  • A new competition-sized gymnasium and athletic loft areas to accommodate gymnastics and wrestling programs and spectators.
  • A renovated library, including additional two classrooms adjacent to the library.
  • A new addition on the southeast side of the building featuring a suite of classrooms for visual arts on the first floor, career and technical education courses on the second floor and four new science labs on the third floor. The second and third floors will have access to outdoor instructional spaces.
  • New ADA-compliant outdoor bleachers and squad rooms.
  • Reconfigured student services area, providing students with direct access from the Learning Commons to counseling staff, the college and career center and nurse.

What’s Under Construction and When at North High:

  • Main Street secured vestibule, building services renovation, radio/tv classroom, multi-needs classrooms and five additional classrooms  - Summer of 2019 (Alternate plans are being made for the location of the gymnastics programs during the 2019-20 school year.)
  • New gymnasium, athletic lofts, kitchen, serving areas and bleachers/squad rooms  - 2019-20 School Year
  • The dining area, culinary arts classroom, library renovation, and three classrooms on the third floor - Summer 2020
  • The Learning Commons and southeast addition of classroom suites for visual arts and science classes - Summer 2020 and 2020-21 School Year 
  • College and career, student service areas, CTE suite on second floor - Summer 2021