Master Facility Plan

On March 20, 2018, the District 99 Community voted to support Master Facility Plan. District 99 will be making improvements that will make North High School and South High School safer and more secure, more accessible for people with disabilities, and provide flexible learning spaces that will improve collaborative learning and leverage instructional technology for students.

Informational Slides and Videos

Community Feedback

We held six community meetings in 2017: April 19, April 20, October 12, October 19, October 21 and October 28. In October 2017, we mailed a printed survey to all households within in the District 99 boundaries; over 4,000 surveys were returned. Read a report of the results here. In addition, a phone poll was conducted; 300 likely voters were reached. Read a report of the results here.

We held Open Houses on February 21 and 22; click here for flyer.