District 99 Opening Day: Welcome Back Teachers, Staff

District 99 Opening Day: Welcome Back Teachers, Staff

District 99 welcomed teachers and staff back into the buildings for the 2017-18 school year on August 16! The first day of school for students is on Friday, August 18.

Teachers and staff enjoyed morning refreshments before gathering for welcoming remarks from Superintendent Dr. Hank Thiele.

The district also recognized the following people for their years of dedicated service to Downers Grove North High School, Downers Grove South High School, and the Transition 99 Center:

Thirty Years

  • James Clausen, South High
  • Paresh Patel, South High

Twenty-five Years

  • Barbara Czarnik, North High
  • Vincent Garramone, South High
  • Chris Guerrieri, North High
  • Beth Larson, South High
  • Lisa MacArtney, South High

Twenty Years

  • Melissa Carlson, North High
  • Anita Carpenter, South High
  • Anthony Ciezaldo, North High
  • Julia Gniadek, ASC
  • Derek Hoovel, South High
  • Laura Johnwick, North High
  • Sandra Largen, South High
  • Mark McConnell, North High
  • Timothy McDonald, North High
  • Kathleen Myles, South High
  • Constance Petrakos, South High
  • Patrick Roth, South High
  • Joanne Smith, Transition Center
  • Jonathan Stapleton, South High
  • Matthew Weber, North High

Fifteen Years

  • Robert Bozek, South High
  • James Chochole, South High
  • Rachelle Cosenza, South High
  • Patrick Fardy, South High
  • Elizabeth Fields, South High
  • Brian Fudacz, South High
  • Valerie Hardy, South High
  • Emily Keating, South High
  • Katherine Klaeren, South High
  • Lisa Lichtman, North High
  • Timm Linders, South High
  • Donna Marchant, South High
  • Erin Moore, North High
  • Demetrios Pappageorge, North High
  • Lisa Wivinis, South High

Ten Years

  • Anthony Bakken, North High
  • Mary Boettcher, Transition Center
  • Allison Caffrey, South High
  • Brian Caldwell, South High
  • Marilyn Clery, South High
  • Tara Dellutri, South High
  • Sherri Devore-Benitez, North High
  • Francisco Diaz, North High
  • Gretchen Fitzharris, South High
  • Jacob Giblin, South High
  • Sally Heiwig, North High
  • Wesley Jewell, South High
  • Brian Kittinger, North High
  • Merle Malave, Transition Center
  • Michael Melie, North High
  • Mark Mirandola, North High
  • Jennifer Mullen, North High
  • Elizabeth O’Riordan, North High
  • Dennis Parker, South High
  • Jeri Powers, Transition Center
  • Melisa Robert, South High
  • Catherine Robinson, South High
  • Tiffany Rojszyk, South High
  • Colette Schmidt, South High
  • Janice Schwarze, North High
  • John Sipple, North High
  • William Skoubis, South High
  • Rachel Svehla, North High
  • James Thomas, North High
  • Mark Wasik, North High
  • Jacquelyn Weishaar, North High
  • Lorraine Wilk, South High