D99 Opening Day for the 2022-23 School Year!

District 99

District 99 welcomed back 715 teachers and staff to start the 2022-23 school year and prepare for the first day of school for students on Monday, August 15. The district celebrated the work anniversaries of  those who've worked in the district for 10 or more years--congratulations to Paresh Patel for celebrating 35 years of service to DGS this year! 

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District 99 Staff

North High

10 Years of Service

Joshua Bodenheimer
Stephan Bolt
Alexa Harris
Mary Hart
Maegan Karasinski
Cristina Krein
Teri Manderino
Luis Martinez
Farrah Velazquez

15 Years of Service

Sherri Devore-Benitez
Brian Kittinger
Michael Melie
Mark Mirandola
Elizabeth O’Riordan
John Sipple
James Thomas
Mark Wasik
Jacquelyn Weishaar

20 Years of Service

Lisa Lichtman
Erin Moore

25 Years of Service

Melissa Carlson
Anthony Ciezadlo
Laura Johnwick
Mark McConnell
Timothy McDonald
Matthew Weber

30 Years of Service

Chris Guerrieri

South High

10 Years of Service

Gina Benge
Christopher Blum
Amanda DeLay
Kevin Kovack
Justin Loos
Justin Matkovich
Kelly Niemann
Abraham Ortiz-Sanchez
Brian Petring
Kathleen Skinner
Kristina Toth

15 Years of Service

Tara Basar
Allison Caffrey
Brian Caldwell
Jacob Giblin
Wesley Jewell
Gretchen Lubbers
Dennis Parker
Melissa Roberts
Catherine Robinson
Tiffany Rojszyk
William Skoubis

20 Years of Service

Robert Bozek
James Chochole
Rachelle Cosenza
Patrick Fardy
Elizabeth Fields
Brian Fudacz
Valerie Hardy
Emily Keating
Timm Linders
Lisa Wivinis

25 Years of Service

Derek Hoovel
Sandra Largen
Patrick Roth
Jonathan Stapleton

30 Years of Service

Vincent Garramone

35 Years of Service

Paresh Patel


Transition 99 Center

10 Years of Service - Arthur Drenth

15 Years of Service - Jeri Powers


District Office

25 Years of Service - Colleen Davoren