District 99 Welcomes New Teachers!

District 99 Welcomes New Teachers!

Welcome, new teachers!

The following new faculty members will start teaching at District 99 during the 2019-20 school year. We are proud to welcome you to District 99!

At North High:

  • Melissa Damewood, Career and Technical Education Department Chair
  • Matthew Dillard, Career and Technical Education
  • Ross Enyart, Physical Therapist
  • Matthew McDonnell, World Languages
  • Michelle Meuer, English
  • Mike Roethler, Social Studies Department Chair
  • Carolina Schoenbeck, Transition 99 Department Chair
  • Amy Simler, LEA Representative     
  • Geri Smolek, Transition 99 Faculty
  • Sara Temple, Social Studies
  • Lucia Torres, Math
  • Alex Valdez, Social Worker

At South High:

  • Ariana Anaya, World Language  
  • Chris Beranek, Special Services
  • Sonia Gutierrez, Special Services
  • Katherine Hallman, Career and Technical Education
  • Meghan Liston, Special Services 
  • Dalila Lopez, Special Services
  • Lizbeth Lopez, Social Studies
  • Zach Miller, Special Services
  • Amanda Tragarz, Career and Technical Education
  • Samantha Wascher, Fine Arts 

North High and South High:

  • Stephanie Peterson, World Language 
  • Christian Pilapil, PE/DE/Health 
  • Alyssa Vrdoljak, Science