DGS Students Earn Suburban Chicago Region Scholastic Art Awards

DGS Students Earn Suburban Chicago Region Scholastic Art Awards

January 31, 2023 - Downers Grove, Ill - District 99 is proud to announce the results of the judging from the 2023 Scholastic Art Awards. 2200 student artists submitted works for adjudication. South High artists won a total of 30 awards -  9 Gold Key, 9 Silver Key, and 12 Honorable Mentions. 

The regional art exhibition is underway at North High in the Main Street Entrance Lobby (4436 Main Street, Downers Grove, Ill.) and will run through Friday, February 3. 


View a portfolio of all DGS award-winning artwork.


Gold Key Awards (9)

Vanja Bogdanovic - Photography, Bad Habit 

Vanja Bogdanovic - Photography, Pulling Away 

Laura Jordan - Photography, peaceful wishing 

Catherine Liceaga - Photography, Num Bun 

Sophia Martincic - Photography, You Wish You Were This Cool

Alexi Newsome - Drawing & Illustration, Kidnapped 

Brenda Perez - Drawing & Illustration, The Grounding of Music

Jalen Reed - Photography, Through the Veil 

Annie White - Jewelry, Sisters, Not Twins


Silver Key Awards (9)

Vanja Bogdanovic - Photography, Effect of Addiction

 Addison Bryant - Ceramics & Glass, Oui Time 

Aidan Decastro - Photography, Read Between the Lines 

Deven DeNava - Photography, Modesto 

Martyn Halashchuk - Photography, stillness of speed

Tsegereda Melkie - Photography, Growth 

Raina Murphy - Photography, Roll the Dice 

Hannah Tolomeo - Painting. The World Rotation 

Corey Urban - Photography, Loud Serenity  


Honorable Mentions (12)

Vanja Bogdanovic - Photography. Portal of Hostility 

Zuzia Cebulski - Photography, Saying Goodbye to the Past

Andrew Chavez - Photography, Money Power Glory 

Martyn Halashchuk - Photography, glance into prosperity 

Laura Jordan - Drawing & Illustration, Duality of Emotion 

Maya Kolakowski - Ceramics & Glass, Street Music

Sophia Martincic - Photography, He Yawns 

Sophia Martincic - Digital Art, Tivoli Bowl 

Lindsay Spear - Ceramics & Glass, Under The Sea

Lily Sylvester - Digital Art, Overwhelmed 

Hannah Tolomeo - Drawing & Illustration, A True Facade

Hannah Tolomeo - Drawing & Illustration, Nature's Melody


For more information about DGS Visual Art, contact Department Chair Jerry Lowrey at jlowrey@csd99.org or visit the DGS Fine Arts webpage.