DGS Student Musicians Earn All-State Honors from ILMEA - 10/21/21

DGS Student Musicians Earn All-State Honors from ILMEA - 10/21/21

Downers Grove South High School students have earned placement, by competitive audition, into the 2021 Illinois Music Education Association All-District Band, Choir, Orchestra, Jazz Band and Vocal Jazz Ensemble. Participating musicians submitted audition videos to the ILMEA, and all videos were adjudicated by a panel of professional musicians. The top placing scores were selected for participation in the District Music Festival, which will be held in November.

“We’re incredibly proud of our students for earning this regional recognition,” said Jerry Lowrey, South High Fine Arts Department Chair. “Their passion for music is evident and we hope they will continue to inspire others with their talents.”

Congratulations to the following South High School student musicians who have earned ILMEA All-District Honors:


Katherine Opila (12) -- Trombone (Band)

Becca Snouffer (9) --  Bb Clarinet (Band)

Kaitlyn Steffgen (12) -- Bb Clarinet (Band)



Kaleb Ancell (12) -- Tenor II

Samantha Bachara (12) -- Soprano II

Gianna Caponigro (10) -- Soprano II

Adreana Duarte (12) --  Soprano I

Maija Flannery (10) -- Soprano I

Mina Kostic (12) -- Soprano I

Zach Mead (12) -- Bass I

Maximilian O'Connor (12) --Bass II

Charles O'Neill (12) -- Tenor I

Kassem Ossman (12) -- Tenor I

Abigail Parson (11) --  Alto I

Grace Rerucha (10) -- Alto II

Ryan Rosignal (12) -- Tenor I

Gwendolynne Royle (12) -- Soprano II

Jordan Stewart (12) -- Alto II

Patricia Suchanek (10) --  Alto I

Delaney Turner (11) -- Alto I



Owen Anderson (11) -- Guitar (Jazz Band I)

Andrew Brandt (12) -- Trombone  (Jazz Combo)

Lucas Ciocan (10) -- Tenor Sax  (Jazz Band I)

James Clemens (12) -- Bass Trombone  (Jazz Band I)

Zach Gresik (11) -- Alto Sax (Jazz Band II)

Sam Wleklinski (12) -- Trumpet  (Jazz Band II)



Erika Andreshak (9) -- Viola

Liudas Davies (11) -- Violin

Leka Davis (12) -- Cello

Matthew Lin (9) -- Cello

Audrey Lin (11) -- Cello

Colin McLaughlin (11) -- Cello

Philip Okunev (12) -- Violin

Emelia Parson  (11) -- Cello

Olivia Roti (12) -- Viola



Nathan Frewen (12) -- Tenor (Vocal Jazz Ensemble II)

Faith Nelson (12) -- Alto (Vocal Jazz Ensemble I)

Briyana Zeigler (10) -- Alto (Vocal Jazz Ensemble II)

The ILMEA Student Programs have been developed to encourage musical performance and creative expression and the many forms that may take for student musicians. Ensembles include symphonic orchestras, wind bands, choral ensembles, jazz bands and combos, and vocal jazz ensembles. The students named into these ensembles represent the best and brightest student musicians and the high-quality music education provided by music educators across Illinois.

To learn more about ILMEA, visit their website. For more information about South High Fine Arts contact Department Chair Jerry Lowrey at jlowrey@csd99.org.