Yearbook Photos: August 16-17

Yearbook Photos: August 16-17

South High School students will be taking school pictures in the SMALL GYM according to the schedule listed below. All students can sit for “yearbook only” photos at no charge so they can be included in the yearbook and for the student ID.

Order forms were mailed home but will be available in the gym or students can order online at    event ID: EVTW4VFKV

Monday, August 16: Mustang Way Schedule

Period 1 (9:20-9:55)

  • Arrive 9:25: M Davis, N. Haywood
  • Arrive at 9:40 A Helms, C. Linnemeyer , C. Littell

Period 2 (10:00-10:53)

  • Mustang Way Lesson- No classes assigned

Period 3 (10:58- 11:33)

  • Arrive at 11:00- K. Alore, M.Davis
  • Arrive at 11:15- N. Haywood

Period 4 (11:38-12:22)

  • Arrive 11:40: N. Haywood, A. Helms
  • Arrive 12:00 : J Hernandez

Period 5  (12:27-1:11)

  • Arrive 12:30: M. Indreika
  • Arrive 12:45: R. Love

Period 6  (1:16-2:00)

  • Arrive 1:20: K. Alore, A Helms
  • Arrive 1:40: J. Hernandez

Period 7  (2:05-2:40)

  • Arrive 2:08: K. Alore, V. Hardy
  • Arrive 2:20: A Helms

Period 8  (2:45-3:20)

  • Arrive 2:48: K. Alore, V. Hardy
  • Arrive 2:55: M. Indreika


Tuesday, August 17: Regular Bell Schedule

Period 1 (8:00-8:50)

  • Arrive First Half: R. Love, J. Matkovich, L. Mietelski, Z. Miller, ME Podmokly, R. Reyes 
  • Arrive Second Half: J. Doherty, A Orel, D Orel, H. Pendergast, K Thompson, K Callahan, K Skinner 

Period 2 (8:55-9:50)

  • Arrive First Half:M. Davis, A Helms, C. Lennemyer, R. Love, J Matkovich, L.McSweeney, L. Mietelski, N. Proimos
  • Arrive Second Half: T. Rubin, L. Vanek, ME Cantillon, T Brawley, J. Doherty, N. Golden, A Orel, D. Orel

Period 3 (9:55-10:45)

  • Arrive First Half: Z. Kuhn, C. Littell, Z. Miller, R. Love, T Parker, ME Podmokly 
  • Arrive Second Half: N. Proimos, M. Schroeder, J. Doherty, N. Golden, S. Lahey-Bak, H. Pendergast 

Period 4 (10:50-11:40)

  • Arrive First Half: C. Linnenmeyer, D. Mass, R. Reyes, T. Rubin
  • Arrive Second Half: M. Schroeder, H. Pendergast, M. Trent 

Period 5 (11:45-12:35)

  • Arrive First Half: L. McSweeney, N. Proimos, T. Rubin
  • Arrive Second Half: L. Vanek, M. Camporese, N. Golden

Period 6 (12:40-1:30)

  • Arrive First Half: J. Hernandez, C. Linnenmeyer, D. Maas, Z. Miller, L. McSweeney,
  • Arrive Second Half::  L. Vanek, M. Meuer, M. Camporese, K. Callahan

Period 7 (1:35-2:25)

  • Arrive First Half: M. Indreika, C. Linnemeyer, C. Littell, T Parker, ME Podmokly
  • Arrive Second Half: M. Schroeder, K. Skinner, M. Meuer, M. Camporese ME Cantillon, K. Klaren

Period 8 (2:30-3:20)

  • Arrive First Half: C. Littell, L. Mietelski, Z. Miller, T. Parker, ME Podmokly
  • Arrive Second Half: M. Schroeder. L. Vanek,  A Doro