DGS Students Earn National French Contest Recognition - 2021

DGS Students Earn National French Contest Recognition - 2021

South High students took the optional National French Contest “Le Grand Concours” this spring and earned recognition for their performance. Twenty-one students from South High participated in the exam and 12 earned recognitions.

French Level 1

  • Honorable Mention: Alex Sitko

French Level 2

  • Gold Medal: Bianca Obedoza

  • Silver Medals: Victoria Del Carmen and Othman Jubran
  • Honorable Mention: Yara Jubran and Emma Fudacz

French Level 3

  • Silver Medal: Elizabeth Culcasi

  • Honorable Mention: Rebecca Allison and Noelle Ukpe-Roberts

French Level 4

  • Bronze Medal: Lillian Ryan

  • Honorable Mention: Leka Davis and Melissa Ribo-Escalona

“This year, our students earned more medals and honorable mentions than in past years,” South High French Teacher Sophia Reuillon said. “I am so proud of our students for choosing to participate in the contest and for how well they did. It shows their dedication, motivation and interest in the French language.” 

To learn more about the National French Contest, visit the Le Grand Concours website.