DGS Artists Earn 2021 Scholastic Art Awards


The Fine Arts Department at South High School in Downers Grove is pleased to announce the results of the judging from the 2021 Chicagoland Area Regional Scholastic Art Awards held at Downers Grove North High School.  695 student artists representing 109 arts educators submitted 1,739 works for adjudication.  475 total works were honored with recognitions. South High School visual artists merited 27 awards, including 5 Gold Key Awards, 7 Silver Key Awards, and 15 Honorable Mention Awards. 

While COVID-19 necessitates  a virtual exhibition, the honor for students to be recognized through the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards is untarnished. The amazing display of student creativity is a testament to the wonderful art teaching that is happening in District 99.  

Art teachers from both North and South High School play an important role in putting the exhibition together.  “We are exceedingly proud of both the process followed by our student artists, and, of the products they all create.” said Glenn Williams, Fine Arts Department Chairman at South High.  “Scholastic Art Awards represent a high point of artistic achievement for a high school Visual Artist.”  "We also congratulate our visual art faculty for mentoring these students through the artistic process and for their spirit of professional volunteerism in all that they do to make this experience possible for students all around the Chicagoland Region. " For more information about DGS Visual Art, contact Glenn Williams at gwilliams@csd99.org.

View a virtual gallery of all South High award winning Scholastic student work


  • Pamela Amaya-Regino (Drawing and Illustration) Loud Silence
  • Ashley DeAnda (Photography) no direction
  • Samantha Groseth (Art Portfolio) Uninhabited Melancholy
  • Samantha Groseth (Digital Art) Childhood Trauma
  • Alexis Pragides (Digital Art) Numb Online


  • Ashley DeAnda (Photography) Bones
  • Kayla Jordan (Photography) Light Through a Doorway
  • Katie McGuire (Mixed Media) Metamorph
  • Alexis Pragides (Drawing and Illustration) Worn and Done
  • Alexis Pragides (Painting) Rigged
  • Estee Raceala (Photography) I See You
  • Justine Young (Drawing and Illustration) Artist Expertise


  • Pamela Amaya-Regino (Mixed Media) Ghost
  • Ashley DeAnda (Photography) Manos
  • Corina Karling (Drawing and Illustration) Equal Share
  • Corina Karling (Digital Art) The Teenage Artist is Dead on their Notebook Paper
  • Zach McGrath (Digital Art) Bean Suit
  • Katie McGuire (Mixed Media) Waiting for Color
  • Allie Murphy (Photography) My Grandpa's Plane
  • Katie Novotny (Photography) Passing By
  • Laila Simmons (Photography) The Light Hangs Over My Mom
  • Maximus Soja (Photography) Autumn
  • Sarah Weigel (Photography) Beauty in Nature
  • Sarah Weigel (Photography) We Are All Related
  • Carly Zubrzycki (Photography) Road To Recovery
  • Carly Zubrzycki (Photography) Bloom
  • Carly Zubrzycki  (Photography) Perfect Victim