All Students Welcome to Operation Snowball: Nov. 8-9

All Students Welcome to Operation Snowball: Nov. 8-9

Dear DGS Parents,

My name is Diana Benoist and I serve as the Student Assistance Coordinator at South High. My role is to encourage students to make healthy lifestyle choices, succeed academically, and become more involved with school-based activities while developing leadership skills. 

I wanted you to be aware that twice a year, all students are invited to an offsite, overnight retreat called “Operation Snowball.” Our first retreat will be held November 8-9 at a camp in Ingleside, Illinois. Keynote speakers focus on leadership, communication and drug-free lifestyles. This provides a foundation of information and skills for our students to make responsible decisions. Students also participate in workshops, small-group discussions, team-building games, and recreational activities. 

Click here to read more and register your student(s) by October 21.

Also, those students interested in being a director or leader can register here.

I hope you will speak with your student(s) about Operation Snowball. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to attend!

Thank you!

Diana Benoist
DGS Student Assistance Coordinator