Summer Reading 2021

Though the school year is coming to end, the summer brings an opportunity for students to continue to cultivate the habit of reading and escape into new worlds with a good book!  Summer is a great time to read, whether that is for pure enjoyment, adventure, or for discovering new things.  Reading is a great way to stay active and engaged and to keep your mind sharp over the summer. 

We invite and challenge ALL students to read at least one book (or more) this summer.  

If you are looking for suggestions for books to read, please visit the DGS Library website for more information.

If you would like to find more information about a book or to read reviews, we have listed some other sources below for you. Not every book will be on every website.

  • Barnes & Noble ( offers free access to editorial (professional) reviews for many books.  
  • Amazon website (  includes editorial reviews when available and a variety of reader reviews. 
  • Goodread website (  offers reviews and information about content. 
  • Common Sense Media website ( They do not have every book included, but the ones that are included have a lot of details, including reviews, ratings, and even a section titled, “The parent’s guide to what’s in the book.”