DGN Students Earn Suburban Chicago Region Scholastic Art Awards

DGN Students Earn Suburban Chicago Region Scholastic Art Awards

January 30, 2023 - Downers Grove, Ill - District 99 is proud to announce the results of the judging from the 2023 Scholastic Art Awards. North High artists won a total of 107 awards, including 31 Gold Key Awards, 37 Silver Key Awards, and 37 Honorable Mentions. Gold Key works are automatically considered for national-level recognition.

The Suburban Chicago Art Region selected five works from over 2200 entries to receive best-of-show honors. These five works are designated “American Vision Nominees.” At the 2023 Regional Adjudication, one of the five works to receive the honor was created by Downers Grove North student Aiden Robinson. At the National Adjudication, one of these five works will receive the “American Vision Medal.” 

The regional art exhibition is underway at North High in the Main Street Entrance Lobby (4436 Main Street, Downers Grove, Ill.) and will run through Friday, February 3. 

View a portfolio of all DGN award-winning artwork.


American Vision Nominee 

Aiden Robinson - Sculpture, Remember That Night 

Gold Key Awards (31)

Emily Allen - Ceramics & Glass, Kettle Bunny

Julia Arnold - Film & Animation, The Feeling of Home 

Julia Arnold - Art Portfolio, Found Family

Sarisa Chulanon -Jewelry, numbers ? worth 

Natalie DiBartolo - Ceramics & Glass, Chomp 

Timmy Fleming - Sculpture, the begger 

Natasha Fugate - Photography, Break of Dawn

Eve Giesler - Digital Art, Holy Melancholy

Henry Gwozdz - Photography, Anesthetized

Henry Gwozdz - Mixed Media, For the Five 

Henry Gwozdz - Photography, A Mind of Its Own 

Jaclynn Howard - Ceramics & Glass, trio set 

Nathan Klasen - Jewelry, Eternal vigilance 

Ella Leathers - Photography, On the Streets 

Nathaniel Lee - Digital Art, handiman (alternate)

Calliope Legare -Digital Art, Venomous Bliss 

Maura MacDonald - Digital Art, Shattered 

Leva Mieliauskas - Ceramics & Glass, Cat & Mouse 

Tabaaraka Muzammil - Ceramics & Glass, Freedom

Emily Nemeth - Art Portfolio, Burning Through the Years

Sarah Paul - Painting, Bodys 

Aiden Robinson - Sculpture, 527 N Hamlin 

Aiden Robinson - Jewelry, Maker's Mark 

Aiden Robinson - Art Portfolio, A New Perspective

Aiden Robinson - Jewelry, Chained To The Craft

Emma Salman - Jewelry, I wish you'd let me go 

Emma Salman - Jewelry, Protecting my Peace 

Sarah Woods - Photography,  A Daughter's Form 

Sarah Woods - Photography, Laundry Day

Sarah Woods - Photography, Familial Scenes

Silver Key Awards (37)

Julia Arnold - Comic Art, Winter Break

Julia Arnold - Comic Art, A conversation

Emma Barton -  Jewelry, Let It Bee 

Sarisa Chulanon - Art Portfolio, breaking standards

Aidan Corbett - Sculpture, Reach Out

Katherine Cremer - Jewelry. Flowing Flames 

Nathan Gier - Jewelry, Molten

Eve Giesler - Jewelry, Moon Moth 

Eve Giesler  Digital Art, The Horned One

Henry Gwozdz - Jewelry, Euthanize my Digital Self

Henry Gwozdz - Photography, I Prefer to Eat Alone 

Henry Gwozdz - Photography, My Flesh is Your Currency 

Henry Gwozdz - Photography, Satisfaction is a Luxury 

Henry Gwozdz - Photography, My Fate is Sealed 

Payton Hubbs- Plumley - Digital Art, Rejoicing 

Payton Hubbs-Plumley - Digital Art, Blizzard 

Charlie Michaels - Ceramics & Glass, Box Monster

Bailey Mongello - Ceramics & Glass, Holding it Together

Gretchen Nelson - Photography, Phantasm 

Emily Nemeth - Sculpture,  Kaida 

Emily Nemeth -Jewelry, Vulcan 

Amelia Passero - Jewelry, "Baron Von Fredrick the 3rd" 

Sarah Paul - Painting, Pressure 

Sarah Paul - Drawing & Illustration, Forest 

Sarah Paul - Drawing & Illustration, Morning Coffee

Leo Peters - Digital Art, Crimson King's Chorus 

Matthew Poe - Photography, Tents 

Matthew Poe - Photography, The End of Time 

Aiden Robinson - Sculpture, What The Locksmith Sees

Aiden Robinson - Jewelry, To My Metalwork Teacher, I Am Forever Grateful

Aiden Robinson - Ceramics & Glass, Maker's Mark II 

Aiden Robinson - Ceramics & Glass, Winter Cottage 

Aiden Robinson - Art Portfolio, Life and Its Many Emotions 

Azrael Robinson - Mixed Media, I Am Not Your Dream Boy

Azrael Robinson - Design, The Mothman of West Virginia

Jonah Sutton - Photography, Abandon

Sarah Woods - Photography, Marks of an Unloving Home 

Writing Awards - Silver Key (2)

Tabatha Irvin - Critical Essay, Make mental health education a mandatory subject in school settings

Tabatha Irvin - Personal Essay and Memoir, Children of war: a past conversation with my late grandmother 


Honorable Mentions (37)

Julia Arnold - Comic Art, They Make My World More Colorful 

Julia Arnold - Comic Art, Found Family Dinner

Sarisa Chulanon - Mixed Media, The Asian Experience 

Sarisa Chulanon - Photography, false reflection

Timmy Fleming - Jewelry, breeze 

Eric Fosket - Photography, Blue Teeth

Maya Gawley - Jewelry, Metanoia 

Nathan Gier - Sculpture, Lighthouse 

Nathan Gier - Jewelry, Current 

Henry Gwozdz - Sculpture, The Internal Questioning of Your Hospitality

Payton Hubbs-Plumley - Digital Art, "Dad" 

Payton Hubbs-Plumley - Drawing & Illustration, Carrot Filer

Payton Hubbs-Plumley - Comic Art. The Journey 

Erika Kellam - Ceramics & Glass. Delilah 

Nathan Klasen - Sculpture, Where the sun rises 

Nathan Klasen - Jewelry. No Mans Land

Amelia Kolatek - Drawing & Illustration, Konstancja

Emily Kus - Jewelry, Balance of Nature 

Ella Leathers - Photography, Addiction

Lydia Metcalf - Drawing & Illustration, The Conducting Mantis 

Charlie Michaels - Ceramics & Glass, Uncertain Seas 

Kate Miller - Photography, What you don't see 

Gretchen Nelson - Photography, Gentle Horror 

Emily Nemeth - Jewelry, Dual Embers 

Amelia Passero - Jewelry, "The Slain Heart"

Amelia Passero - Jewelry, "The Curse Occurs"  

Sarah Paul - Drawing & Illustration, Epiphany 

Matthew Poe - Photography, Desires 

Matthew Poe - Photography, The Cultivation of Time 

Matthew Poe - Painting, Dreamscape 

Aiden Robinson - Jewelry, Engineer's Touch

Greta Serniute - Painting, One Ways 

Greta Serniute - Painting, Look At What You've Done

 Ashley Wachel - Art Portfolio, Poor Language, Soul Language 

Ashley Wachel - Design, What Are We Looking For? 

Luke Williams - Ceramics & Glass, Adventure Through The Mind

Sarah Woods -  Art Portfolio, Reflections of Self 


For more information about DGN Visual Art, contact Department Chair Brayer Teague at bteague@csd99.org or visit the DGN Fine Arts webpage.