DGN Visual Artists Honored - 2021 Scholastic Art Awards

DGN Visual Artists Honored - 2021 Scholastic Art Awards

Gold Key Award Winner Ethan Bell (Photography) Masks On

The Fine Arts Department at Downers Grove North High School is proud to announce the results of the judging from the 2021 Scholastic Art Awards held at Downers Grove North High School and hosted by the Community High School District 99 Fine Arts Departments.  695 student artists representing 109 arts educators submitted 1,739 works of art for adjudication. 475 total works were honored with recognitions. North High artists won 62 awards, including 17 Gold Key Awards, 18 Silver Key Awards, and 27 Honorable Mention Awards.

“We always look forward to hosting the Chicago-area regional exhibition at North High,” said Brayer Teague, Fine Arts Department Chairman. “COVID-19 necessitates that we pivot to a virtual exhibition, but the honor for students to be recognized through the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards is untarnished. The amazing display of student creativity will be a testament to the wonderful art teaching that is happening in District 99.”  According to Teague, the art teachers from both North and South High School play an important role in putting the exhibition together.  “Our District 99 art teachers are the engine behind this regional affiliate of the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards.  Their dedication and tireless commitment enables student artists from all over the suburban region to have their work evaluated by professional artists. The collection and adjudication of work, in the midst of a pandemic, was a Herculean task. I'm immeasurably proud of our District 99 faculty for their perseverance to organize the 2021 exhibition, assuring this important opportunity for students and art educators all over Chicago."

CLICK HERE to view a portfolio of all DGN Gold Key Awards.

  • Elyse Adams (Jewelry) Queen's Colony
  • Charlie Belcastro (Jewelry) The Two Claws
  • Ethan Bell (Photography) Masks On
  • Adam Blair-Smith (Photography) Fatigue
  • Reed Brandt (Photography) Commute
  • Danylo Chepil (Photography) Rani in Downtown
  • Sarisa Chulanon (Photography) Deadly Alive
  • Patricia Kroczka (Photography) Bipolar Disorder
  • Mary Lerch (Jewelry) Willow by the Pier
  • Elisse Martin (Ceramics & Glass) Dream
  • Eliot Michaels (Drawing & Illustration) That's Okay
  • Eliot Michaels (Drawing & Illustration) Upstream
  • Eliot Michaels (Art Portfolio) A Release of Grief
  • Emily Nemeth (Jewelry) Day and Night
  • Olivia Shirk (Photography) BLM and CPD
  • Olivia Shirk (Photography) Embracing, At Last
  • Olivia Shirk (Photography) Blurred Out



  • Ethan Bell (Photography) Greedy Flame
  • Lillian Cawthorne (Painting) Alone
  • Sarisa Chulanon (Photography) half alive
  • Gavin Crowson (Photography) Fire & Ice
  • Natasha Fugate (Photography) Rose Colored Glasses
  • Gracie Gwozdz (Mixed Media) Are You Afraid?
  • Gracie Gwozdz (Ceramics & Glass) Red Drip
  • Ohana Jeron (Drawing & Illustration) Her Majesty
  • Eliot Michaels (Drawing & Illustration) Cat Machine
  • Eliot Michaels (Drawing & Illustration) Crow Trio
  • Madeline Pearson (Digital Art) Plague Doctor
  • Christina Powell (Photography) Modern Day Cain
  • Vidmantas Revuckas (Digital Art) TV Corruption
  • Olivia Shirk (Photography) Black Women in America
  • Olivia Shirk (Photography) Standing Up
  • Olivia Shirk (Photography) Rainbow Eyes
  • Benedikt Strempfer (Photography) Dramatic Lighting
  • Molly Tappmeyer (Photography) Charlie


  • Elyse Adams (Art Portfolio) Grandma's Box
  • Lillian Cawthorne (Painting) Mimi
  • Lillian Cawthorne (Drawing & Illustration) Comfort
  • Sarisa Chulanon (Photography) In The Alley
  • Natasha Fugate (Photography) Secrets of the Universe
  • Zack Gaytan (Jewelry) see through
  • Zack Gaytan (Art Portfolio) Freedom and New Beginnings
  • Ohana Jeron (Drawing & Illustration) Lady of the Hunt
  • Elina Lee (Photography) philocaly
  • Charlie Michaels (Sculpture) Endangered Beauty
  • Eliot Michaels (Digital Art) Lost Cat
  • Eliot Michaels (Art Portfolio) Bird Brain
  • Alexa Moy (Jewelry) Burst
  • Alexa Moy (Photography) Hawaiian Story
  • Gretchen Nelson (Photography) Masked
  • Avery Nowka (Ceramics & Glass) Mugs Of Emotions
  • Jack Oakes (Digital Art) The Merge
  • Jack Oakes (Digital Art) Running Out of Time
  • Madeline Pearson (Digital Art) Movie night
  • Haley Phillips (Jewelry) Holding My Own Hand
  • Aiden Robinson (Jewelry) Frozen Elegance
  • Olivia Shirk (Photography) I Like You
  • Olivia Shirk (Art Portfolio) Black Lives Matter Through a Lens
  • Benedikt Strempfer (Photography) boy and forest double exposure
  • Ashleigh Szydlowski (Photography) Masked Winter
  • Jacob Tyszkowski (Photography) Touch deprived
  • Lilly Vodak (Photography) Hidden Beauty