DGN Theatre Presents Winter One Acts: Nov. 21-23

DGN Theatre Presents Winter One Acts: Nov. 21-23

North High School Theatre Presents Winter One Acts, “A Day in the Life”, beginning on Thursday, November 21 in the Studio Theatre Room 248.

Performance dates and times are as follows:

  • Thursday, November 21 at 7 p.m.
  • Friday, November 22 at 7 p.m.
  • Saturday, November 23 at 5 p.m.

Tickets are $10 (Adults), $5 (Children) and District 99 students are free with ID. Tickets can be purchased in the Student Activities Office or at the door of the event.

For more information, contact the North High Activities office at 630-795-8413.

Cast and Crews
Hard Candy by Jonathan Rand
Director: Dylan Skeen*
Adam: Natasha Fugate
Bob: Ceci DeArcangelis
Cindy: Marin Koch*
Dave: Alexa Hanson*
Emily: Amanda Quealy
Fred: Harley Blanchard*
Gail: Paige Holdaway
Harry: Dimitri Marinakos*
Ira: Ashley Chavez
Jill: Lillie Cawthorne*
Linda: Lauren Pierret*

PTO NO! by Audrey Dwyer*
Director: Audrey Dwyer*
Karen: Morgan Lally
Kimberly: Christina Godar*
Tammy: Harley Blanchard*
Jennifer: Via Bouvier*
Brian: Dimitri Marinakos*
Ashley: Leah Costello
Waitress: Sara Mitchell

4 AM by Jonathan Dorf
Director: Julia Isoniemi*
Frankie: Ceci DeArcangelis
Jane: TJ Nottelmann*
Jogging Girl: Helen Parker
Anne: Kristen Kras
Monica: Emery Teague*
Romeo: Nathan Nutt
Juliet: Ashley Chavez
Sleeper Kid: Finn Gray
Monster Under the Bed: Mia Tiangco
Simon: Carissa Blumka*
Hale: Jacob Tyszkowski*
Fire Kid: Madeline Riske
First Officer: Morgan Tappenmeyer
Second Officer: Abby Goodman
Second Jogger: Hannah Janka
Fear Dancers: Helen Parker
Morgan Tappenmeyer
Abby Goodman
Hannah Janka
Madeline Riske
Mia Tiangco

Production Team
Producer and Managing Director: Farrah Velazquez
Directors: Hard Candy, Dylan Skeen*, PTO NO!, Audrey Dwyer*, and 4 AM, Julia Isoniemi*
Costume Design & Construction and Set Design & Construction: Kim Maslo
Sound & Lighting Design: Thom Ringrose
Assistant Directors: Patrick Jackson* and Cole Cook*

Costumes and Makeup 
Sarah Stangley*+
Kelsey Spahn
Travon Moore*
Maya-Gabrielle Delgado

Stage and Props
Jaclyn Duellman*+
Will Mitchell
Forrest Lorenz
Ohana Jeron
Kevin Palczynski 
Alex Joyce
Evan Miller
Olivia Scheffer
Connor Daemicke+

Lights and Sound
Gavin McCool*
Charlotte Johnson
Daniel Sosnovsky*
Matthew Spencer*
Molly Doherty*
Robby Boucher
Rebecca Kanarski

Publicity Crew
Grace Cleary
Anna Kus
Greta Prepejchal

Poster and Tee Shirt Artwork
Ohana Jeron

*Member of International Thespian Society Troupe #1856
+Crew Head