DGN Students Earn 93 Regional Scholastic Art Awards

DGN Students Earn 93 Regional Scholastic Art Awards

Congratulations, DGN student-artists!

The Fine Arts Department at Downers Grove North High School is proud to announce the results of the judging from the 2019 Scholastic Art Awards held at Downers Grove North High School and hosted by the Community High School District 99 Fine Arts Departments. 1,209 student artists representing 149 arts educators submitted 2,826 works of art for adjudication. North High artists won 93 awards, including two American Vision (Best of Show), 32 Gold Key Awards, 26 Silver Key Awards, and 33 Honorable Mention Awards.

“We are very excited to host the regional exhibition at North High,” said Brayer Teague, Fine Arts Department Chairman. “This show is always an amazing display of student creativity and a testament to the wonderful art teaching that is happening in District 99.” According to Teague, the art teachers from both North and South High School play an important role in putting the exhibition together. “Our District 99 art teachers are the engine behind this regional affiliate of the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards. Their dedication and tireless commitment enables student artists from all over the suburban region to have their work evaluated by professional artists.”

Community High School District 99 will host the Scholastic Art Show Regional Exhibition from February 3-8, at the North High School campus Main Street Lobby (4436 Main Street, Downers Grove, IL 60515). The public is cordially invited to attend the Exhibition Opening and Artists Reception on Sunday, February 3, from 1-4 pm.  

Angela Wong, Ceramics and Glass (Pictured above)
Kate Sosnovsky, Comic Art (One of seven in series pictured below)

CLICK HERE to view a portfolio of all DGN Gold Key Awards.
Kaitlyn Almazan, Art Portfolio (1), Drawing and Illustration (3)
Ethan Bell, Photography
Belle Blanchard, Jewelry
Amelia Chavez, Photography
Phoebe Covey, Painting
Gavin Crowson, Photography
Suzanna Erickson, Painting
Lily Grebel, Photography
Elisenda Lee-Palou, Photography
Nikita Lukhanin, Ceramics and Glass
Mary Kate Mathy, Mixed Media
Fiona Myers, Ceramics and Glass
Jack Papesh, Photography
Vivek Patel, Photography
Nicole Payne, Photography
Lucy Quinn, Art Portfolio (1), Ceramics and Glass (1), Digital Art (1), Jewelry (1), Painting (1)
Kate Sosnovsky, Art Portfolio
Emilia Swierzb, Photography
Jade Taylor, Jewelry
Cosette Thomspon, Drawing and Illustration (2)
Emma van de Wetering, Drawing and Illustration
Angela Wong, Ceramics and Glass (2)
Bella Zamora, Photography

Kaitlyn Almazan, Drawing and Illustration
Ana Barnett, Photography
Sofia Beasley, Jewelry
Charlie Belcastro, Jewelry
Eric Bican, Drawing and Illustration
Gavin Crowson, Photography
Kaitlyn Ford, Design (1), Painting (1)
Giselle French, Art Portfolio (1), Ceramics and Glass (1)
Carlos Hernandez Jr., Jewelry (1), Mixed Media (1), Sculpture (1)
Jared Imperial, Photography
Mia Knutson, Drawing and Illustration
Ema Maizesius, Jewelry
Eliot Michaels, Drawing and Illustration
Zach Mulvey, Ceramics and Glass
Jack Papesh, Jewelry
Lucy Quinn, Ceramics and Glass (1), Digital Art (1), Jewelry (1), Mixed Media (1), Painting (1)
Jess Schmidt, Digital Art
Allison Tenorio, Comic Art

Ethan Bell, Photography
Andrew Bochar, Sculpture
Alexandra Bojkovski, Photography
Phoebe Covey, Drawing and Illustration
Emily Hernandez, Photography
Carlos Hernandez Jr., Ceramics and Glass
Jared Imperial, Photography
Julia Isoniemi, Drawing and Illustration
Mia Knutson Digital Art (2)
Abby Kuczkowski, Jewelry
Eleanor Maher, Jewelry (2)
Claire Mathews, Photography
Wallys Moreno, Photography
Shaurice Orange, Jewelry
Ariana Osorio, Jewelry
Madeline Pearson, Drawing and Illustration
Gema Perez, Photography
Lindsay Pluister, Ceramics and Glass
Lucy Quinn, Jewelry
Jess Schmidt, Digital Art
Zachary Skubiszewski, Photography
Kate Sosnovsky, Comic Art (1), Design (1), Digital Art (1)
Quinn Stephens, Drawing and Illustration
Allison Tenorio, Design
Bailey Thiele, Digital Art (1), Photography (1)
Angela Wong, Art Portfolio (1), Ceramics and Glass (2)

For more information about DGN Fine Arts, contact Department Chair Brayer Teague at bteague@csd99.org or visit the DGN Fine Arts Blog.