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Rod Russeau

Director, Technology & Information Services

Since 1996, Rod Russeau has served as director of technology and information services for Community High School District 99. In his role, he oversees all aspects of technology deployment throughout the district, including the student, financial and human resources information systems. With his team, Rod seeks to seamlessly maintain a technology infrastructure that is cost-effective, reliable and robust, and supports the rapidly growing information needs of our students, faculty and staff.

Before joining District 99, Rod worked at Lyons Township High School as director of computer services and technology. In 1977, Rod began his career as a partner in a small, rapidly expanding educational software development firm. At the firm, Rod designed and programmed educational software and traveled to school districts across the country installing, customizing and training educators how to use the software.

Rod was selected in 2007 to be a charter member of SunGard’s national customer advisory committee. He also stays connected to technological developments through participation in many other user groups and organizations, both locally and nationally.

Rod believes that technology is one of many powerful tools that teachers and students can use to improve teaching and learning. “Technology can result in an enhanced teaching experience for teachers and an enhanced learning experience for students,” says Rod. “We are constantly focused on how to improve our systems to support the powerful learning activities that are happening at District 99.”

Rod lives in Naperville with his wife and has two grown sons. 

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