Over 100 District 99 Students Compete, Succeed at IHSA Contest

At the Illinois High School Association’s State Solo and Ensemble Contest on March 4, 2012, 126 District 99 students from North and South High Schools performed solos and/or were part of musical ensembles. Over 60 students received “Division I” scores, which is defined by the IHSA as “a superior performance, outstanding in nearly every detail.” Students also received “Division II” or “excellent” scores and “Division III” scores. 

Eight students received a “Best of the Day” award and were recognized by judges as having the most outstanding performances of the day. North students Shauna Bracken, Michelle Libby and Patrick Murray and South students Zach Plata, Aura Evans, Patrick Bartlett, Chris Reusz and Mike Ruth all received “Best of the Day” awards.

“Preparing for a Solo and Ensemble contest is a great opportunity for our students to express their individualism as soloists and to develop team-work skills with small ensembles,” said North’s Fine Arts Department Chair Brayer Teague.  “We’re very proud of all our students who entered the state contest this year.  They did a terrific job representing North High with their musicianship.”

"We are proud of our student musicians for pursuing performance excellence through this event," said South’s Fine Arts Department Chairman Glenn Williams.

South High Students

IHSA Division I “Superior” Ratings:

Patrick Bartlett - Tuba
Aura Evans - Violin
Brian Kelly and Scott Binter - Marimba Duet
Kathryn Krajewski - Viola
Andrew Molina - Cello
Billy Moroney - Clarinet
Brooke Nuccio - Flute
Zachary Paskvan - Tuba
Zach Plata - Clarinet
Dan Reeter - Billy Moroney - Zach Plata -Clarinet Trio
Chris Reusz and Mike Ruth - Saxophone Duet
Kelsey Richardson - Bass Clarinet
Arpoorva Sorranahalli - Violin
Danny Tedeschi and Josiah Williams - Trombone Duet
Josiah Williams - Trombone
Rachel Wydra - Bassoon

IHSA Division II “Excellent” Ratings:

Aaron Collins - Violin
Claire Hardy and Alexis Conklin - String Duet
Sean Hux - Cello
Zach Plata and Billy Moroney - Clarinet Duet
Kinga Stolarczyk - Violin
Allison Williams - Cello

North High Students

IHSA Division I “Superior” Ratings:

Cameron Box - Violin       
Shauna Bracken - Trumpet       
Elizabeth Brunell  - Female Voice     
Emma Burkhardt - Viola       
Tristan Burnham - Violin       
Anna Burton - Female Voice      
Louie Buttny - Violin       
Ben Casey - Tuba       
Jeremy Craven - Trumpet       
Hannah Crowley and Kathleen Moralde - Flute Ensemble   
Caitlin Doak - Female Voice      
Tommy Donnelly - Trumpet       
Erin Elgass - Alto Sax      
Sam Fiala - Trumpet       
Stephanie Gillen - Flute       
Michelle Hsu - Marimba       
Justine Hung - Piano       
Madelaine Isobal - Female Voice      
Frannie Jones - Female Voice      
Shatien Jordan - Violin       
Shatien Jordan - Monica Lim - and Rachel Pfeifer - String Ensemble 
Annie Ketchmark - Violin       
Allison Kirkegaard and Marissa Leo - Treble Ensemble   
Emma Kombrink and Laurel Post - Keyboard Percussion Ensemble  
Lauren Kovanko- Viola        
Lauren Kovanko - Katie Krainc - and Katie Portman - String Ensemble 
Katie Krainc - Violin       
Anna Krainc - B-Flat Clarinet      
Brett Latman - Trumpet       
Monica Lim - Violin       
Patrick Murray - Male Voice      
Amanda Nagy - B-Flat Clarinet      
Sam O'Neil - Trumpet       
Alana Osterling - Cello       
Alana Osterling - Katie Portman - Stephanie Tandaric - and Sarah Williams - String Ensemble
Katie Portman - Violin       
Grace Roman - Female Voice      
Jonathan Sheetz - Bass Clarinet      
Stephanie Tandaric - Violin       
Jennifer Vetrone - Trumpet       
Sarah Williams - Viola       
Eareen Yambao - Male Voice       

IHSA Division II “Excellent” Ratings:

Erin Bellie - Female Voice
Bellie - et al - Treble Ensemble
Gianna Bertuca - Female Voice
Lydia Black - Female Voice
Cameron Box - Male Voice
Dorothy Buhle - Female Voice
Jim Burke - French Horn
Sebastian Calvino - Trombone
Emmy Cook - Female Voice
Anthony DePaz - Violin
Sam Heppner - Trumpet
Faisal Khurshid - Marimba
Mantas Kisielius - Violin
Michelle Libby - Harp
Carly Lilja - Female Voice
Nate Little - Baritone Sax
Lucy Lu - Alto Sax
Sean McCormick - Oboe
Joy Pozniak - Female Voice
Lexi Robinson - Female Voice
Bethany Schmurr - Trumpet
Stephen Shatzer - Bassoon
Marckus Simmons - Snare Drum
Thomas Svoboda - String Bass
Andrea Vetrone - French Horn
Kaitlyn Wayman-Dodd - Female Voice
Mandy White - Female Voice