District 99 Welcomes Teachers and Staff to New School Year

District 99 Welcomes Teachers and Staff to New School Year

Teachers and staff enjoyed morning refreshments with entertainment by the D99 Staff Band.

District 99 welcomed teachers and staff back into the buildings for the 2018-19 school year on August 15. The first day of school for students is on Friday, August 17.

Teachers and staff enjoyed morning refreshments with entertainment by the D99 Staff Band before gathering for welcoming remarks from Superintendent Dr. Hank Thiele. District staff and teachers then broke out into professional learning sessions for the remainder of the day. 

The District also recognized the following people for their years of dedicated service to North High School, South High School, Transition 99 Center, and the Administrative Service Center:

Thirty Years
Patrick Pierce, North High
Sasi Thinakkal, North High

Twenty-five Years
Ellen O’Brien, South High
Dale Pacourek, South High
Leanne Rink, North High
Brayer Teague, North High

Twenty Years
Jackie Aikin, North High
Karl Collins, South High
Colleen Davoren, ASC
Mike Dellamaria, Transition 99
Tim Elliott, South High
Maria Georgiou, North High
Tonya Giannone, North High
Catherine Glidden, South High
Denise Ihde, North High
Tony Jablonski, North High
Margaret Jelinek, ASC
Margaret Koch-Murphy
Sheila Liss, South High
Liz Levin, North High
Ed Malczewski, South High
Bill McLean, North High
Antonio Mercado, North High
Lisa Olson, South High
Kim Ourada, North High
John Waite, North High

Fifteen Years
Lance Allen, South High
Todd Cassens, North High
Ruth Dukala, North High
PJ Dufur, South High
Chris Esposito, South High
Darla Fisher, North High
Carolyn Flores, South High
Jenny Franz, South High
Lindsey Giannone, North High
Darin Gipson, North High
Jeff Grant, North High
Sid Habeeb, South High
Greg Maloney, South High
Angela McAndrews, North High
Temo Mercado, North High
Sarah Moreno, South High
Marianne Moscato, North High
Nancy Owens, South High
Allyson Passarelli, North High
Liana Ploski, South High
MaryEllen Podmokly, South High 
Steve Ruffolo, North High
Tom Saam, North High
Dave Siebert, District
Kathy Vanderplow, District

Ten Years
Kari Alore, South High
Ed Arends, South High
Chris Brooks, North High
Norma Budzinski, South High
Tracy Burton, South High
Tim Cappelen, South High
Mark Collins, South High
Lindsay Deguilio, South High
Mike Franzese, North High
Nicole Gibson, North High
Bryan Heap, South High
Anne Herrmann, North High
Andrea Hough, North High
Gayla Houston, North High
Melissa Jacobs, North High
Caroline Krueger, North High
Sean Lovelace, South High
Lisa Mangelsdorf, North High
Elaine Marinakos, South High
Brenda Murphy, Transition 99
Meghan Nauss, North High
Alyssa Orel, South High
Trevor Parker, South High
Cory Rasho, South High
Chris Rios, South High
Mary Roe, South High
Say Seang, South High
Bryan Szweda, South High
Nate Terry, South High
Steve Zownorega, South High