District 99 Students Earn Awards at SkillsUSA State Championship

District 99 Students Earn Awards at SkillsUSA State Championship

Students from North High School and South High School competed against 2,000 other students at the SkillsUSA State Championship.

Students from North High School and South High School qualified to compete in the SkillsUSA State Championship in Springfield on Saturday, April 21. More than 2,000 career and technical education students competed in over 130 different hands-on trade, technical and leadership fields during the 2018 SkillsUSA Illinois Championships.

“We’re incredibly proud of each of the SkillsUSA state qualifiers,” said South High Engineering and Design teacher and SkillsUSA advisor Mark Molinari. “Congratulations to the students who placed and represented South High among the 2,000 students from Illinois.”

South High Results

3D Design & Visualization:

  • 3rd place: Tammer Alkuyam and Alex Gabbard
  • 4th place: Alex Quiroga and Brett Richert 

Architectural Drawing:

  • State Champion and National Qualifier: Sarah Burne
  • 2nd place: Mitchell Thiel
  • 3rd place: Harry Tan
  • 4th place: Erikas Keturakis
  • Tied for 5th place: Sam Heatherly and Nick Schmidt-Bailey 
  • 6th place: Sarunas Narakas
  • 7th place: Trent Phifer
  • 9th Place, 8th John Dounias

Computer Programming:

  • 5th place: David Aronson

Project Lead the Way Engineering and Design: 

  • 2nd Place: Silver Medalist team of Ian Bales, Himal Koshy and Mersim Rizmani
  • 8th place: Adam Filice, Jesse Gallegos, and Carla Morales
  • 10th place: Jack Riley, Matt LaRue, and Chris Rodriguez

Extemporaneous Speech: 

  • State Champion and National Qualifier: Himal Koshy
  • 4th place: Jack Riley 

In Prepared Speech: 

  • 5th place: Himal Koshy

“We love bringing students to experience the SkillsUSA State Championship,” North High Career and Technical Education teacher and SkillsUSA advisor Brandy Palmerin said. “SkillsUSA is an outstanding organization assisting students to succeed in the real world.”

North High Results
Engineering and Design:

  • 7th place: Jacob Drobnik, John Cagney, Zach Busch
  • 8th place: Matthew Lee, Kevin Griffin, Tyler Mertes
  • 9th place: Cassidy Steel, John Costello, Eric Goes

Interactive Application and Video Design:

  • 2nd place: Trevor and Garrett Dobbertin

SkillsUSA advisors include Mark Molinari and Jeff Schram from South High and Brandy Palmerin from North High. 

Click here to view photos of the medalists from each school.

To learn more about SkillsUSA Illinois, visit their website.