New Student Recognition Designations at District 99

New Student Recognition Designations at District 99

For 2017-18, District 99 introduces new academic achievement designations

District 99 discontinued the practice of reporting class rank on transcripts and documents in 2016-17. There were several reasons for making the change, including the fact that class rank is no longer a significant factor in college admissions. Instead, colleges use multiple, more holistic measures for admission.

Eliminating class rank provides District 99 with the opportunity to create new student recognition traditions, ones that align with the benchmarks of our current honor roll system, are transparent, and provide all students the opportunity to set attainable goals.

For the 2017-18 school year, the following new academic achievement designations will be in place at graduation:

Weighted GPA*  Previous designation New designation Graduation Regalia**
4.4 and above Top 2% Distinguished Honors Gold stole, gold cords, gold tassel
4.0 and above All-Academic Team High Honors Gold cords, gold tassel
3.4 and above  Presidential Awards Honors Gold tassel

* D99 follows a 4.0 grade point scale. Students receive both a non-weighted and weighted GPA at the end of each grading period. If a student takes Honors or Advanced Placement classes, the student’s GPA can exceed 4.0, depending on the grades earned. Please refer to student handbook for details about how GPAs are calculated.

** Graduation regalia for National Honor Society and AVID members will also include an emblem on graduation stoles.

NOTE: Students receiving a 3.4 cumulative weighted GPA or above in the previous two academic semesters (previous year) will be awarded an academic letter.

Academic letters are awarded to all students who maintain a 3.4 or above grade point average for an entire school year. The letters are awarded to students in the fall following their 3.4 or above grade point average achievement.

Our new recognition designations will allow us to recognize even more students for their academic success. We believe that the new system also will support all students in finding a healthy balance to challenge themselves, grow, and explore individual interests and passions.

To highlight the new recognition designations and graduation regalia, we will streamline the color of graduation robes starting with the 2017-18 school year. North High graduates all will wear purple gowns and white stoles, and South High graduates all will wear dark blue gowns with Columbia blue stoles. We believe that this new tradition will create a feeling of school unity and keep the focus on academics.

We look forward to implementing the new student recognition designations for the 2017-18 school year, and celebrating the academic achievements of our students.