More than 50 Student Musicians Participate in State Solo and Ensemble Contest

More than 50 Student Musicians Participate in State Solo and Ensemble Contest

District 99 student musicians participated in the Illinois High School Association State Solo and Ensemble Contest at Hinsdale South on March 2. Students prepare solos and ensembles and play for an expert adjudicator, receiving both a score and a rating, and, formative feedback for improvement. Additionally, students performing solos must play scales from memory, demonstrating technical fluency on their instruments outside of their prepared solo work.

More than 50 South High students participated in nearly 40 different events. 27 students performed as soloists, and 30 students formed 11 different ensembles during the course of the day. Students from both the bands and the orchestras from South High School participated in this event.

"Regardless of rating or score, we are proud of every student for choosing to pursue musical growth through this process," South High Fine Arts Department Chairman Glenn Williams said. "The individual growth that occurs through studying and performing chamber music is substantial."

One event, soloist Therese Malinowksi, earned a Citation for being the "Best in Room." After listening to events for an entire day, the judge considered Malinowski's solo the most outstanding musical event during the course of the day in that specific room.

South High students that earned a Division I rating, described on the judges sheet as "a superior performance - outstanding in nearly every detail."
Carson Aldrich - trombone
Andrew Brandt - trombone
Elizabeth Colip - oboe
Joseph Daniele - trombone
Samantha Guagliardo - euphonium
Logan Henderson - trumpet
Kelly Jankowski - trumpet
Mackenzie Johnson - flute
Haruya Kamitani - violin
Matthew Leinart - alto saxophone
Therese Malinowski - cello - BEST IN ROOM CITATION
Marina Milad - flute
Mary Mulcahey - flute
Phillip Okunev - violin
Maddy Pteanc - violin
Michaela Rakos - flute
Brock Royle - violin
Saahil Sorakayla - bassoon
Emily Schwab - bassoon
Jonah Sprandel - alto saxophone
Nathan Wiechec - trombone

Trumpet Ensemble - Matt Fischer, Selia Fry, Ben Tunney
Brass Ensemble - Samantha Guagliardo, Kelly Jankowski, Ethan Pawl
String Ensemble - Andre Biekircher, Megan Holley
String Ensemble - Jerico Gomez, Summer Kruk, Therese Malinowski, Nithin Nathan
String Ensemble - Kelly Lyons, Maddy Pteanc, Olivia Roti, Brock Royle
String Ensemble - Leka Davis, Sierra Donaldson, Timothy Neumann, Delfin Santiago
Woodwind Duet - Emma Ansah, Missy Tepe

South High students that earned a Division II rating, described on the judges sheet as "An excellent performance - minor defects."
Andre Biekircher - violin
Sierra Donaldson - viola
Megan Holley - violin
Jasmin Jackson - tuba
Sana Nasib - viola
Liana O'Rourke - violin

Percussion Ensemble - Nick Brown, Nina Glawe, Cooper LamBeau, Evalyn Ooms, Elliott Lewis, Scott Pape, Ethan Pawl, Hayden Quinn, Karin Schroeder, Mitchell Thiel, Claire Vanni, Rick Vatawat
String Ensemble - Michael Beube, Joseph Hardy, Jeremy Lynch, John Smetana
String Ensemble -  Christopher Kuper, Sana Nasib, Evalyn Ooms, Mason Taylor
String Ensemble - Bennett Allendorfer, Gabe Coughlin, Haruya Kamitani

For more information, please contact Fine Arts Department Chair Glenn Williams at or visit the South High Fine Arts Blog.