DGS to Present Juli(us) Caesar Fall Play

DGS to Present Juli(us) Caesar Fall Play

Downers Grove South High School will present its fall play, Juli(us) Caesar, on Friday and Saturday, November 2 and 3 at 7 p.m.

Tickets cost $10; $5 for senior citizens; District 99 students FREE with student ID.

In this all-female reimagining of Shakespeare’s political drama, an all-out war is waged at Rome Academy School for Girls when a group of friends decide to take down the popular Juli Caesar before she becomes even more powerful, leaving a path of destruction in their wake. Set to the music of Radiohead, this retelling focuses on the power struggle between adolescent girls for honor and acceptance and what happens when friendships are betrayed.

See an in-depth article about the play in the student newspaper, The Blueprint, Click Here.

The Blueprint


Director of the Play: Tiffany Rubin

Cast Members: (Names & Roles) 

Janella Guzman- Juli Caesar
Alaina Vergara- Brutus
Kira Matheson- Cassius
Zoe Boyd- Antony
Kate Reilly- Casca
Sarah Barber- Cimber
Gwendolynne Royle- Decius Brutus
Carla Skousen- Cinna
Kamile Dirzys- Trebonius
Taylor Voss- Portia/Student
Emily Leatherwood- Calpurnia/Cinna the Poet
Juliana Crooks- Lucius/Student
Therese Malinowski- Octavia/Soothsayer/Student
Baneet Chawla- Cicero/Lepidus/Student
Meghan Carroll- Flavius/Titinius/Artemidorus
Sydney Richardson- Marullus/Messala/Publius


Juli(us) Caesar

(Viewer Discretion is Advised - There is some mature content)