DGS Social Studies Department Holds Recognition Breakfast

DGS Social Studies Department Holds Recognition Breakfast

The DGS Social Studies Department held its annual Recognition Breakfast on May 11, 2016. Teachers selected students from their classes who exemplify hard work, admirable character and consistency in the classroom. In addition, teachers selected Beatrice Ellen Beirne as their "Outstanding Senior" and a student who is a critical and analytical thinker as well as caring and involved member in society.

“In Beatrice’s high school career, she took nine semesters of Social Studies courses, grew intellectually, engaged and led her peers, and did it all with enthusiasm,” said Social Studies Department Chair Dr. Chris Esposito.

Kimberly Elsa Nothdurft received the Curt Koehler "Inquiring Minds" Award. Curt Koehler was a former DGS social studies teacher who encouraged his students to think more deeply, broadly, with greater clarity and compassion. Cora Koehler, daughter of Curt Koehler, presented the award to Kimberly.

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Congratulations to all of the students who were recognized!

  • Theophilus Addotey
  • Jacky Alcantara
  • Beatrice Appiah
  • Dominic Balsamo
  • Zachary Bergman
  • Jack Blazevich
  • Nicholas Brown
  • Quincy Cartright
  • Griffin Casella
  • Esther Crandall
  • Evalina Dygdon
  • Giana Fallara
  • Bryan Gallegos
  • Jacob Gierhahn
  • Jack Girard
  • Gina Gonzalez
  • Matthew Goy
  • Anthony Grammich
  • Aleida Iriarte
  • Samantha Issa
  • Rakiya Johnson
  • Sonja Kamedulski
  • Amber Kass
  • Karina Kling
  • Anna Krause
  • Matthew Krauter
  • Kate Kulpinski
  • Emily Leatherwood
  • Maria Lopez Larucci
  • Kimberly Mejia-Mejia
  • Caleb Minnis
  • Karoline Monaco
  • Kora Montana
  • Dean Netzel
  • Mariely Nieto
  • Isabella Oberg
  • Jonah Ocuto
  • Lipakshi Pawar
  • Marilin Perez
  • Rachana Pokkuluri
  • Madelyn Portell
  • Nicholas Rasnic
  • Cassidy Reed
  • Brian Richardson
  • Stephanie Roman
  • Ryan Scehovic
  • Emily Schwab
  • Jillian Scott
  • Samantha Selakovich
  • Ashley Stephenson
  • Grace Ulch
  • Nate Unsicker
  • Izabella Vega
  • Robert Wagner
  • Nashoana Walker
  • Ester Zekri
  • Tahbata Zuniga Diaz