Student Support Services

The Counseling and Student Support Services (CSSS) Department at North High School believes that all students have the right to a safe, supportive school in which we respect student’s values, beliefs and individual backgrounds.  All students have strengths and potential for growth that are maximized through a developmentally-driven, comprehensive counseling program.

Counseling & Student Support Services

Vision Statement

We envision that Downers Grove North High School students will graduate as well-rounded individuals who are ready to pursue their college and career goals.  Through their preparation and experiences, students will be equipped for a changing society and will possess the ability to adapt, persevere and collaborate effectively with others to meet these changing needs.  Students will think globally and embrace diversity.  Our vision is that all students will possess self-awareness, think critically and accept personal responsibility; these traits will allow them to become leaders in an evolving society.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Downers Grove North School Counseling program within our Counseling and Student Support Services (CSSS) Department is to provide equal access for all students to a data-driven, comprehensive curriculum that fosters optimal performance and systemic change.  In collaboration with our certified CSSS colleagues, our program is delivered deliberately and systematically to address students’ academic, career, and personal/social needs across each grade level through the use of needs assessments, differentiated instruction, and technology.  Inspired by the mission of our state and local governing bodies, our program highlights the importance of maintaining a positive school climate in which every student feels safe and supported.  Partnering with teachers, administrators, parents, and an invested community, we help all students to become leaders in an evolving society by teaching self-awareness, critical-thinking skills and personal responsibility.