World Languages


The World Languages Department offers five-year programs in French, Spanish, and German, as well as English as a Second Language. It is recommended that students continue their study of language to fulfill college entrance requirements, to enrich understanding and appreciation of another culture, to broaden their liberal education, to meet career goals, and to enhance travel opportunities.

Students entering from junior high schools with the equivalent of one year of high school language should enroll in Level II of the particular language based on teacher recommendation. Students entering with the equivalent of one semester of high school language should enroll in the full year of Level I of the particular language unless otherwise recommended by the teacher. Students will enroll in English as a Second Language based on language proficiency testing.


Also available to students for language enhancement and to bring culture alive are extracurricular activities and clubs. Check out the French Club, German Club and World Language Club!


The following links are available for free to help study and better understand vocabulary and grammar in the target language. They provide exercises, quizzes, tests, games and more study resources:


District 99 plans educational trips to foreign lands during spring vacation and summer. Usually students have the opportunity to visit the land of the language which they are studying at some point during a four-year period. Such trips are offered depending on the availability of chaperones and student interest in participation.

An example of one of these exchanges programs is the GAPP-German American Partnership Program in which students from Thomas Mann Schule Lübeck, Schleswig-Holstein come to DGN for a couple weeks and vice versa:


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