Fine Arts

Fine Arts Department course offerings encompass Music and Visual Art. Courses in these disciplines promote individual aesthetic awareness and enable each learner to continue the search for their identity as a creative individual. Curricular experiences in sight and sound enable emotional awareness and development. Students will forge unique pathways to success within a caring, collaborative, communicative learning environment. Music and Visual Art course offerings fulfill the Fine Arts graduation requirement.


Music courses, both performance and non-performance, enable individual aesthetic awareness through experiences and sound. Exploration of sound in both performance and non-performance courses provides learners with experiences in composing, performing and listening to music.


Visual Art courses enable individual aesthetic awareness through a variety of 2D and 3D experiences. Exploration of artistic technique through a range of entry level course offerings is encouraged to ensure success in upper level art courses. Several arts courses require students to augment basic supplies with the purchase of additional materials.


Amy Bernard

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