D99 Building Futures


Please watch the video above for highlights of our facilities and ideas for the future.


District 99 strives to provide facilities that are safe, cost-effective and conducive to student learning. 

The combined square footage of our facilities is over one million square feet. To keep both buildings running efficiently, every year we develop a comprehensive list of maintenance and repairs to address the most pressing needs.

 Just as it is essential to maintain what we have, it is also our responsibility to plan for the students of tomorrow. The additions made over the years to North High (which opened in 1928) and South High (which opened in 1964) happened at a time when enrollment was growing. Today, enrollment is steady or even declining; however, technology has impacted every classroom and facet of how we teach students, and we need to adapt to that fact.

As part of the district's strategic plan, we embarked on an extensive planning project in October 2013 to study how we need to adapt our facilities to best support our students and staff in the future. As our curriculum evolves and technology continues to influence teaching and learning, we are ensuring that our facilities meet the expectations of the future.

North High - Concept Ideas as of October 2016

>> Click here to see North High's high-level site plan and concept changes

South High - Concept Ideas as of October 2016

>> Click here to see South High's high-level site plan and concept changes


We developed our vision for the future with Wight and Company, architectural experts in school facilities. 

It is our responsibility to study and consider how our physical environment and learning spaces function today, and how we can evolve them to support educational programs in the future.


District 99 is seeking a qualified consultant to partner with the district and to help lead a public engagement strategy for its Master Facility Plan. We invite interested parties to review and respond to our RFQ, below:


Sample Agreement

Questions Received/Responses Provided about RFQ:

The District has spent some time and engaged the community previously to inform the development of a Master Facilities Plan. Through this RFP, are you seeking to educate the public about the plan you have developed OR is the District seeking community engagement that could potentially prompt significant revisions in project scope

The community meetings we conducted in 2014 were focused on helping us to define what needed to be addressed in our future facility plans. That input did help us to arrive at the current concept plans. A relatively small number of people attended those sessions, however. With this next phase of our project, we are hoping to engage an even greater number of people in our community. We want to build awareness, gauge support, and modify our plans based on community input.

Can you share what your available budget is to support this work?

We do not have a set budget for this work, but will evaluate based on the services proposed.

Has the District previously worked with a communications consultant—either on the development of its Master Facilities Plan or other projects? If so, which projects and whom?

Before the director of communications position was created in 2010, the district worked with a full-time communications consultant who was focused on day-to-day operations. Since 2010, the district has not worked with any communications consultants.  In 1996, the Board worked with a consultant and a separate demographic (survey) specialist to determine the community’s support for a successful $50 million MFP project.