Opening Doors

In an effort to better share what's happening inside of our schools each and every day, District 99 created a video series called "Opening Doors." Each video offers a behind-the-scenes look at what teachers are teaching and what students are learning at DGS and DGN.

The DGN College and Career Center provides support to students applying for college, and also brings in guest speakers throughout the year. In this video, students learn about careers in nursing from Advocate Good Samaritan nurses.

Come inside DGS Art Teacher Robyn Bican's classroom as students hear about what it's like to be a professional artist from a guest speaker, who's also a DGS graduate!


Come inside DGN English Teacher John Waite's classroom as they learn about making documentaries and video editing!

DGS Fine Arts Teacher Katherine O'Truk opens the door to her Yearbook class, where students are assembling photos and spreads for the 2016-17 yearbook!

DGS Science Teacher Scott Parker opens his door to a freshman biology class, where students are working on an experiment with potatoes.


T99 Center's Mike Dellamaria invites you into a classroom where students are learning about acting. Transition 99 serves students ages 18-21 who have special needs, and gives them the foundation they need to grow and becoming contributing members of the community.

DGS Physical Education Teacher Nate Terry invites you into his PE Leadership class, where students are in the midst of "Mustang Mania"

Come inside DGS English Teacher Zach Kuhn's AP Literature classroom as students tackle "The Brothers Karamazov" by Dostoevsky!

DGS English Teacher Joette Conger invites adults into her English class to provide one-on-one feedback to students on how to improve their writing.

Social Studies Teachers DGN Carolyn Flores and DGS Motti Pikelny team together to teach a violence prevention lesson during a Sociology of Gender class at DGN.

DGS Counselor Amy Klug addresses a classroom of freshmen, helping them to start planning their future classes at the school.


Come inside DGN Social StudiesTeacher Dennis Rogala's Global Connections classroom as he works with DGN Librarian Stephanie Devincentis to teach students about the importance of monuments in the community.

DGS Career and Technical Education Teacher Jennifer Niendorf invites you into her Fashion Construction class, where students are creating apparel for their "Project Runway" fashion show!

DGS Science Teacher Christine Landschoot and Special Services Teacher Jessica Syring teach a freshmen biology class together and share the benefits of co-teaching

STRIVE is an after-school study program to help freshmen get off to the right start. Hear how it works from DGS Teacher Kristina Conrad, some of the freshmen and the student peer tutors!

Visit DGS Physical Education Teacher Troy Michalek's class, where freshman boys are learning Tinikling, a traditional Philippine dance!

DGS Teacher Jeff Schram invites you into his 3-D Design and Animation classroom, where students use sophisticated software to create a variety of projects.

DGS Spanish Teacher Cyndi Montero tries something new for her students--a "whodunnit" mystery case, all in Spanish! She and students show how learning can be fun.