Operational Services

4.10 Fiscal and Business Management
4.15 Compliance with Identity Protection Act
4.20 Fund Balances
4.30 Revenue and Investments
4.40 Incurring Debt
4.45 Insufficient Fund Checks and Debt Recovery
4.50 Payment Procedures
4.55 Use of Procurement Cards
4.60 Purchases and Contracts
4.70 Resource Conservation
4.80 Accounting and Audits
4.90 School Activity Funds
4.100 Insurance Management
4.110 Transportation
4.120 Food Services
4.130 Free and Reduced-Price Food Services
4.140 Waiver of Student Fees
4.150 Facility Management and Building Programs
4.160 Environmental Quality of Buildings and Grounds
4.170 Safety
4.171 Use of Automated External Defibrillators in School
4.175 Convicted Child Sex Offender; Criminal Background Check and/or Screen; Notifications
4.301 Recognition of Taxes Levied Against Real Estate Property